1. Frontline Report from Medyka camp:

  1. Fewer refugees leave Ukraine, more return to Ukraine.
  2. Our giant LED billboard had a huge impact at Medyka camp, and many well-known media and volunteer painters came to visit.
  3. The New Federal State of China’s Ukraine refugee relief operation is recognized by the Polish government, which for the first time recognized the New Federal State of China.

2. The day before the April 19 VOA Cutoff Incident, on April 18, 2017, the Pacific Alliance Group, under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Miles Guo was prosecuted for false accusation.

3. Duowei News’s alleged counterfeit lawsuit turned into a criminal case:

  1. GTV took CGI and Duowei News to court on May 24, 2021, demanding information about the leaker from both parties, with CGI being vague and Duowei News refusing to respond.
  2. After Judge Barry Ostrager twice denied GTV’s request for litigation, GTV went to New York Court of Appeals to appeal the case, which is scheduled to be heard on April 28, 2022. If Duowei News refuses to appear in court. The Court will automatically rule in favor of GTV.
  3. This means that Pacific Alliance Group, Duowei News and CGl are suspected of counterfeiting, which is a felony. The case will be turned into a criminal case and anyone associated with the case will face criminal investigation.

4. Duowei News is the largest overseas intelligence website of the Chinese Communist Party founded by CCP spy Ho Pin in 1999 and transferred to another spy Yu Pun-hoi in 2009.

5. Side Effects Of COVID Vaccine: FDA Forced by U.S. Court to release COVID Vaccine Data, 150 Documents, 55,000 Pages, with 38 Pages Describing 1,291 Side Effects of Vaccination effects, mainly focusing on cardiovascular disease, leukemia and other cancers.

6. The CCP earns huge trade surpluses through unfair competition and hogs foreign exchange from Chinese people through forced foreign exchange settlement.

7. The CCP’s currency over-issue triggered the skyrocketing real estate prices: the CCP monopolized land, was the sole supplier of Chinese land, and raised land prices and real estate prices by monopolizing the market. An average 10-fold increase in real estate prices in Communist China over the 20-year period from 2001 to 2021.

8. The Chinese Communist thieves are using the inflated real estate and the false economic growth caused by real estate to “transfer assets abroad and keep equity and debt at home” by means of equity and collateralized debt. By the end of 2021, the macro leverage ratio in the Communist China was 263.8%! The real estate industry alone has a debt balance of nearly 90 trillion RMB!

9.  It’s time for Communist China’s economic Ponzi scheme to collapse.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy