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Greetings, noble fellow fighters; today is April 27th. Brother-7 is on the way to the court hearing…

Whoa. Look at the sunshine and all these green trees. They are so beautiful, gorgeous!

Can you imagine so many trees and flowers here that…there are so many, how to say, they are countless! If in CCP China, wouldn’t all these flowers be chopped down? 

Look at the big forest, nearby are all the mansions. Look at the sunshine in the morning, the trees, the greenery… It feels so good with the arrival of spring. This place is wealthy. Pick any house, and its value is tens of millions of dollars. Can you believe that? It’s common here.

So, we Chinese have no idea; we always think we are happy. But our Chinese had no idea that the gap is between “heaven and earth” if you compare your life to people’s lives here. This is a place where there is rule of law, democracy, freedom, and is blessed by God. 

I cannot even describe it. Look. Look at these flowers, rows of them, rows after rows. 

Alas, Hong Kong…see, these are the many messages I received from fellow fighters in Hong Kong. And I was moved, deeply moved. Hong Kong is my most favorite place.

I also received a lot of messages from many fellow fighters in Taiwan. Everybody said, “You saved our whole family, Brother-7.” One family, two families… 

Honestly, brothers and sisters, though Brother-7 is happy, the last thing I want to hear is how many people I saved. For, on the flip side, that means there were many more people who were harmed. So, what about them?

In addition, the situation in Beijing, Shanghai, and Changchun right now… How bad is it? It is hell on earth, brothers and sisters. These places have become purgatory on earth! 

Then, the news about Duowei took the world by storm since yesterday. Because Duowei News, run by CCP for twenty years, due to its arrogant, ignorant, stupid attempt to take down Brother-7 and defeat Brother-7 in the lawsuit, had made this critical mistake of treating Western law as a dog fart.

Duowei News colluded with Wu Zheng, also known as Bruno Wu (a Chinese American businessman and registered CCP spy), colluded with the lawyer of Ma Rui’s rape case whose fee was paid by Wu, and the case of PAX (Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund L.P. v. Kwok Ho Wan, a.k.a Miles Guo), who has Shan Weijian of PAG (the Pacific Alliance) as its partner.

Shan (CEO of PAG) has engaged in a series of scams in the US, including the ‘Digital World’ project and many others. Even if he had 10,000 lives, he wouldn’t have enough money to pay back the money he had defrauded Americans.

And this son of a bitch, Shan Weijian, conspired with Yu Pun-ho, the owner of Duowei News. They conspired to create false evidence and provided falsified documentations during the court hearings — from which they can be convicted of “criminal fraud” and “contempt of criminal court.” So they are finished! 

Finally the Zhongnanhai (Beijing) regime was scared and ordered Yu Pun-ho to shut down the entire Duowei News website.

Since yesterday, you could see that those overseas Chinese media almost all pretended to criticize the CCP on minor issues but actually helped it hide the truth. Think about this: Why did Yu Pun-ho have to shut down Duowei News? Duowei News has tens of billions in loans; it is a channel worth tens of billions, and generates more than 20 terabytes of data per year…  It was shut down just like that. 

No media outlet dares to tell the truth — because GTV sued it. Also, no one dares to report that this bastard, Duowei News, conspired with others to make false evidence.  What crime is it to lie to an American court? What kind of behavior is it?

And no one has talked about how much damage Duowei News had caused to GTV’s investors, possibly even costing them their lives — all because Duowei and others were in cahoots behind and did all these things together.

Even nobody talks about the fact that this is a landmark case of great importance, involving some of the top officials of the FBI, the US courts, and the US bar and judiciary communities who have been subjected to the CCP’s “Blue-Gold-Yellow” (money-sex-internet control) infiltrating conspiracy to the US. 

And this case has a background that the US intelligence and legal departments jointly target the US legal system, involving one of the largest funds in the US, this PAG and Shan Weijian as well.

Wow, this is a big deal! Who is behind it? Have you seen it? The wealthy class — Wall Street, the US Justice Department, the largest law firms, and the FBI.

And right now…none of the Chinese media dare to tell the truth. Firstly, they are ignorant. Secondly, even if they know it, they don’t dare to say it!

But it’s a big win for us!  Brother-7 is now on my way to the court. Think how great I am feeling now, right? Bathed in sunshine, I am heading to the court hearing. 

The situation in China is a kind of a desperate mess. The economy, society, people’s expectations, food supplies, peoples’ living, and employment rate… everything has fallen into a terrible mess! 

What does this mean? God is helping us take down the CCP! God bless the New Federal State of China (NFSC), brothers and sisters!

Only those who keep on fighting, firmly believe in their faith, are fully dedicated and willing to sacrifice everything to pursue their beliefs, can face all the hardships in battle with a happy, entertained, and joyful mind. That would be a great joy; you’ll be pleased as you could be!

Whoa, this is so beautiful! I just love cherry blossoms, you know? Look at the rows and rows of cherry blossoms. These are the cherry blossoms planted by the people who live here. How beautiful they are! 

There are so many social disorders these days, as you may have seen. Please keep in mind, everybody: the Russia-Ukraine war has changed the world. Our fellow fighters on the front lines of the Ukraine rescue operation are the NFSC’s biggest heroes! You have no idea about the significance of what you have done, but you will see.

The world’s financial sectors, in all countries, have been without a doubt ready for the arrival of the coexisting era of fiat and digital currencies. 

More importantly, as you know, even the US and Europe have acknowledged that the future of accounting and bookkeeping will be built on blockchain-based data technology. All the past bookkeeping methods will no longer exist — you should be aware of what this means.

If accounting and bookkeeping are legislatively required to be based on blockchain technology as the most trusted method…then fiat currency will be totally gone.

What was fiat currency in the past? It was like raising a herd of cattle; everyone waited to kill the cattle and share the beef [in a certain way].

What is blockchain-based data technology now? You find a sea with countless fish in it. Surprisingly, the fish here even tastes like “beef.” This infinite sea, with innumerable fish in it, the most delicious and healthiest fish…Of course, you would choose to eat fish and not want beef anymore. And the fish even have a taste like beef — Bingo! And in the past, “beef” could never taste like fish. 

It’s a simple story for you to understand. But there will be a radical transformation. It has become trendy now especially in Japan and Europe. 

Frankly, what governments want is that the money is safe and to know exactly where the money is. Distributed bookkeeping methods based on blockchain technology, encrypted bookkeeping methods, must be the future forever.

Our Himalaya Exchange will have a magnificent future! It is so… incredible! Anyone who is ahead of the curve will have wonderful results. Let us just wait and see.

The CCP has only a bunch of old bastards, stupid pigs! Do you think you are any good just because you are in Zhongnanhai (Beijing)? You go to hell…

I have set a trap for you; I will catch you as a “fish!” I’ll ” fish” you here into the US courts.

Listen, George Higginbotham (former US DOJ official), Elliot Broidy (once served as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee), Steve Wynn (an American real estate developer invested in the American luxury casino and hotel industry), as well as those who colluded with the CCP: 

I am going to expose all of you who are complicit with the CCP in the light of day, and put you to a public trial under US laws. You will surely be sent to jail and concede defeat from the bottom of your heart! 

Next is PAX. PAG, the Pacific Alliance, see how arrogant it is! Do you know what PAG plans to do? What’s coming is that the CCP wants to find someone to buy out this case for it, so the CCP can harm us by taking full control of the case. 

So, who is going to buy this case? Why does this individual do it? Where does this person get the money from?

Let me tell you later. Kiss you all!