Edit and Translation: Jenny Ball
Editor: yuddy

Miles’ live broadcasts will now be limited to one hour in order for more people to grasp the key points in the limited time. There is a lot of important information in today’s live broadcast:

This is the section in which Miles warned of the CCP’s current draconian lockdown.

Miles: I can say with confidence that the Russian-Ukrainian war, and possibly the Taiwan war, would be insignificant in comparison to the vaccine disaster that will begin in May.

Beijing (21.3 million people) and Changchun (16.33 million people) will be quarantined in just a few days. The number of cancers detected in Changchun is more than 35 times the sum of the previous 50 years, and more than 25 times the sum in Zhengzhou (12.62 million population) and Wuhan (12.3) million, with the vast majority of cancers occurring at any age.

You may have noticed that elderly people were given money for vaccinations. This is the money for their funerals and send them to hell. The CCP is well aware that the vaccine will kill many people.

Furthermore, many schoolchildren in Europe and the United States are diagnosed with cancer. The vaccine disaster is far worse than you can imagine. This is the most difficult test that humanity has ever faced.

I have not seen any of you express gratitude for not being vaxed because of your belief in the Whistleblower Movement right now. Our adversary (CCP) will either die or be diagnosed with cancer very soon.

China’s lockdown is a military drill. At the same time, the CCP is emphatic that the vaccine disaster will occur in these major cities because the vaccination rate is the highest there. To mitigate the impact of the disaster on the regime, the CCP must conduct extreme tests that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus.

Link of Miles live broadcast((April 24, 2022): gettr.com