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Translated by: Himalaya Washington DC — boylatin1L

On April 24, Miles Guo revealed how Putin used false propaganda to make his body look incredibly fit.

Mr. Guo mentioned that under a dictatorial and centralized system, the leader’s physical condition is closely linked to the life of the country and the brainwashing of the ordinary people. A leader’s good health is directly related to the pride of national life and the country’s economic prosperity, or the leader’s body can determine everything. Countless dictatorial leaders have confirmed this in person. It was true of Stalin, Mao, and Lin Biao. And democracies, such as the U.S. President Biden’s health, are mandatory to be published or a criminal offense due to the corrective mechanism.

Mr. Guo revealed that injections had previously maintained Mr. Putin’s health. Earlier, Putin will be three weeks before each visit, within the tolerable range of oxygen, injections, serum injections, etc. When he arrived at the destination of the visit, he had to undress to show how fit he was, and every action was designed to fool the people. However, due to surgeries, one of which was kidney surgery, Putin is now physically unable to take injections because it is not safe anymore. As a result, the Great leader lost his beauty, body, and mind. Mr. Guo mentioned that Putin’s character is exceptionally narcissistic and perverted. As the dictatorship leader, Putin’s body can indeed influence the end of the Russia-Ukraine war, which Russia will soon lose miserably. It’s just that Putin might go crazy at the last minute and use some nuclear weapons. But whether it will work out turns out to be another story.

Mr. Guo also said Xi’s health is worse than expected.

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