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Yeah, so this data comes from the equivalent of the CDC in Canada. Canada has a lagging issue in reporting of deaths, way more so than the US. So that’s why the data only goes for the whole country to the end of October. But, what’s interesting about this, is this data came from a man I’ve been in touch with, his name’s Kelly Brown. He’s a finance professional up in Canada, and he posted the data, he didn’t blame the vaccines. He just said,

this is an alarming increase in excess deaths in the same age category in Canada. It’s zero to 44, so it includes a little more people. My millennials was 25 to 44, so it’s got a little more there. Notice in the August to October, which is the right side of the chart, it accelerates into the mandates, just like it did in the US. Okay? Okay. So all this, so the Canadian neighbors to the north, due to their data lag just confirmed what we saw in the US in the millennial age group. Let’s go to chart number two. Okay.

Alberta and British Columbia, these are the weekly excess deaths, same age group, as we just saw in chart one, right? Right. And the reason why this is pointed out is because the data is more fresh there, it goes into the end of 2021. It represents 25% of the population of Canada. So it’s kind of pulled out of the other data, but you can see that in November to December the trend is up and to the right. Okay.

So there’s big, big questions going on here as to what’s going on in Canada. And it’s horrifying. Why are young people dropping dead? And again, people will talk about drug overdoses and alcoholism and suicide, sure, Maybe there’s an uptick in that. In the US. This is significant. I mean, this is absolutely significant.

Yeah. And so, you know, the baseline of it is that millennials and young people survive this disease, you know, 99.99%, you know, survive this. And so what happened to cause these spikes and why was the second spike higher than the first? Well, you’re saying mandates probably contributed to this and this kind of coercion of telling people, well, come back to school to play soccer, to go to college, to get your first job?

Well, you need to be jabbed and vaccinated and boosted and cyber boosted. You’re saying that that might explain why this chart goes higher? Well look, you know, I’m an investor, I’ve a thesis, I’m definitively saying it’s the vaccine. The question, the fact that this question isn’t even being asked by the mainstream media, by the, you know, department, the CDC, the FDA, or the NIH in the US, and whatever the equivalents are in Canada, suggest to me that they are hiding something and I think they’re hiding the fact that fraud occurred at the clinical trial data level. This thing was rushed through, pushed, the regulatory bodies have been captured and they thought it’ll be okay. I think they knew it was a garbage vaccine, but I don’t think they really thought it would kill this many this quickly. And now they’re like “Ruh-roh”, and then you know, what do you do when you’re caught? When you’re caught you cover it up!


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