001  It is suspected that an elderly man was forcibly removed from his residence by medical personnel for isolation after tested positive for nucleic acid.

002  April 17, Suzhou, Jiangsu. A 102-year-old woman who lives alone needs to go downstairs for Covid testing every day according to the CCP’s Zero-Covid policy,

003  After a resident somewhere crawled out of the quarantine zone set up by the CCP, she was scolded by the ubiquitous surveillance whitel guard to return home.

004  On April 17, after the third People’s Hospital of Nantong, Jiangsu Province found a case who tested positive and confirmed for the CCP virus, the surrounding area of the hospital was immediately put under large-scale control.

005  New coronavirus-positive patients who turned negative were still asked by the local community to be pulled to a centralized isolation site for observation. The patient cried late at night, upsetting the surrounding people.

006  April 16, Shanghai. The CCP quarintain area, the isolation life under the mobile cabin hospital.

007  April 17, Shanghai. The power of the CDC under the epidemic is boundless, and you are required to quarantine when you are asked to. There was no exception for the elder aged more than 90 at the isolation staging point who sat overnight waiting to be centrally quarantined.

008  On April 17, Gucun Middle School, Baoshan District, Shanghai. It was too late to build a mobile cabin hospital, and the positives were collected and placed in a temporary isolation point in Gucun Middle School.

009  On April 10, Fuyang City, Anhui Province. A man encountered a younger man rummaging through the trash can for food at night in the CCP’s epidemic control area in Yingzhou District, Fuyang.

010 In mainland China under the epidemic, many people starved to death due to a shortage of supplies, and at the same time, supplies were wasted in large quantities due to human reasons. Society under communism control always repeated man-made disasters in which a large number of people starve to death.

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