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Translated by: Himalaya WashingtonDC-boylatin1L

On 22 April, at a press conference on April 22, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuo Hirokazu expressed his serious concern on the severity and sheer devastation of the humanitarian crisis in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, which Russia has declared “under its control.”

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He strongly protested, saying that they condemn in the strongest terms possible on Russia’s brutal and barbaric behavior, and call on Russia to immediately stop the attack, withdraw its troops and refrain from sabotaging humanitarian assistance to Mariupol and other cities.

In Mariupol, Ukrainian troops have been holding up in a steel mill, and are on the defensive. Mr. Matsuno also expressed his “deep concern over the fact that Russian troop declares control over the city of Mariupol, which provides an opportunity for Russia to cause further aggression and further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”


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