Author: Tom Cat   BigMama   Seamoon

On June 18, 2020, after joining Mr. Bannon’s War Room, where he demolished the trick CCP is trying to play, Miles Guo had another broadcast on GTV. During the broadcast, he mentioned several critical issues up-coming next, including a brand new era for the New Federal State of China starting next week, approximately on Tuesday, and praised for the sacrifice Hong Kong people have made for so long.

War Room: Pandemic Special

“Mr. Bannon’s live stream did very well today. Unrestricted war is the CCP’s strategy used against the United States for many years. It is also known as the “3F Plan”, and it is one of the biggest threats to the United States. Generally speaking, it is designed to destroy America with its own techniques, wealth, and human resources. The Whistleblower Movement earned a lot of credit over the past three years. We have made Americans fully realize that China and the Chinese are not a threat, but the COMMUNIST Party of China (CCP) is the threat to the world!

John Bolton’s article will only strengthen President Trump’s determination in terms of eliminating the CCP. The blue-gold powers from the Communist Party could never have imagined that they actually helped the Whistleblower Movement this time.”

Hong Kong

“Today at two o’clock in the afternoon, a Hong Kong workers arrived in Washington, ready to testify next week in the United States congress to tell how the communist party of China in Hong Kong threatened him and his family, how they were forced to support the national security law. The founding of the New Federal State of China, Hao Haidong and his wife, Ye Zhaoying’s declarations let us thoroughly understand that the elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is the justice action!

Lastly, it is Hong Kong compatriots, for a long period of time, sacrificed their lives and fought for justice. They showed people around the world that the Chinese Communist Party is the real mob in the world! Fear can cost us everything. We must put down our personal desires and stand up together bravely. This is the mission of our new Commonwealth.”