Author: 老姜    BigMama   Seamoon

On June 18, 2020, Miles Guo joined the War Room held by Steve Bannon and specifically discussed the CCP’s Information War against the U.S., warning American people how evil the core of CCP is.

The Information War

“Regarding the information warfare, comparing to what Russia did to the U.S., as Russia still plays the game by rules, the CCP is definitely the worst by far, more than 1000 times worse than the Russians. The CCP prepared an economic, yet influential war against the U.S. at least 3 years ago. I know the CCP from inside and out. I am very familiar with President Xi, Vice President Wang Qishan, and I have a lot of very close friends in the National Intelligent Agency and military, and national high ranking officials across different departments. since long, the CCP has had dreams of controlling Asia, Europe and the world, and they see the U.S. as their biggest obstacle on their way to achieve their strategic goal. So talking down America is their ultimate goal. They formed a national strategy to weaken, disrupt and kill America (the so called 3F Plan) through so called “Unrestricted Warfare”, a way to defeat a technologically superior power such as the U.S. through a variety of unrestricted, yet cost-effective secret means, including bio-weapons, disinformation, bribes (of Wall Street, U.S. high tech companies, U.S. government officials, U.S. media), commercial and academic spying, Internet hacking, etc..

While the U.S. observes a high standard of morality in dealing with other countries, the CCP launched this Unrestricted Warfare 3 years ago against the U.S., with no bottom line, no standard of morality. This time, in order to defeat the U.S., it intentionally delivered the Covid-19 virus (we called it the CCP-virus) from its P4 Lab to the U.S. and the rest of the world. Although our Whistleblower Movement told the world about this virus and its high possibility of becoming a global pandemic on Jan. 19th via our broadcast program, and Mr. Bannon also shared the similar news through the War Room, neither the U.S. mainstream media, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, nor the government, nor the public believe us. Having this high standard of morality, it is very hard for the Americans to believe it. The U.S. has been dreaming while CCP attacked it from all sides. So, don’t just focus on the information war, wake up America, you are in war with CCP on every front.”


“The incident on April 19, when I was about to reveal the CCP’s secret to take down the U.S. on VOA, my live interview with them was suddenly cut off. A historical event that has never happened in VOA’s history, showing how deeply the VOA is infiltrated by the CCP. I have to say that the CCP has successfully used its strategy to “use U.S. money, use U.S. people, and use U.S. technology and people’s greed” to destroy the U.S. in recent years. From Free Asia to VOA, look at what kind of people they invited for interviews. Why are most of of the paid guest speakers on VOA anti-American, anti-President Trump and anti-Hong Kong Democracy Movement?  It shows that the VOA is 100% CCP-controlled.”

The CCP and Chinese people

As a CCP insider who knows them very well, I urged Mr. Bannon to tell the world that the CCP doesn’t represent China and it doesn’t represent the Chinese people. Both the American people and the Chinese need the truth about the CCP virus. As normal people, we both love each other, we both favor freedom and rule of law. Together with the people from Hong Kong, the Chinese people are fighting for their freedom. We hope to work with the American people to take down the CCP, and eventually live together, peacefully with great friendship in a free world for thousands of years.