By Mary Ann Evans
Himalaya Nuremberg Germany

It was all supposed to be easy. 

 The pieces were all in place. Mighty and modernised, the Russian Army was supposed to steam-roll into Ukraine and, in a move similar to Hitler’s Blitzkrieg (lightning war) – take the Capital of Kyiv and its leadership within days. The efficiency and speed of this humiliation of NATO would then clear the ground for China: Taiwan would fall just as quickly to the People’s Liberation Army. This one-two punch would catch the West, weakened by Covid and Afghanistan and disunity, off-guard. Then humiliated, they would walk back from the leadership role of democracy and the new age would begin. The Multi-polar age of Russia and China. 

 There was only one slight problem with their plan: it was terrible. The Russians forgot one key fact when they were making their plans. They are not the only country haunted by the Second World War. Interfering on the peripheries is easy. In distant Georgia, Chechnya, or Syria there is room for error and manoeuvre. However, when you bring the War to Europe itself and bombs are falling ten miles away from Poland – you are summoning a different type of ghost. These are ghosts of atrocities long buried, but not buried deep. It is the ghost of the Holocaust, Churchill, and a Europe in ruins. 

 The CCP and the Russian Federation so caught up in their versions of history and victimhood in past atrocities, forgot that other countries feel it too. And let us be fair – their people did indeed suffer greatly in these events. But this is the reason we keep these memories inside and do not invoke them to create more chaos in this world. By weaponizing history, by labelling Ukraine fascists with full knowledge of that word’s implication, these two foolish leaders have conjured up spirits they have no hope of controlling. 

 The results speak for themselves. Determined not to allow a repeat of the past wars, Europe and the general West have united in a way that has sent the Russian Army into full retreat. Whether they regroup and attack again is largely irrelevant because the message is out there. If you want Ukraine, you will have to take it. Far from being afraid, NATO will expand to two more counties (Finland and Sweden) by as early as June 2022. Russia is not the second most powerful military in the world; it is the second most powerful military in Ukraine. Everyone knows it. 

 And the CCP? Far from being able to call a new order and invade Taiwan – they must be frantically searching the PLA for the same corruption that has plagued the once-feared Russian Army. Their plans for Taiwan are in ruins and will be for some time. Let us not even begin on the looting and resurgence of Covid that has shut down their greatest financial centre, Shanghai. In short, it is a disaster on a scale that makes you wonder if the black swan spotted in Beijing, was superstition.

 President Xi, President Putin – please take a sit down. You’re not ready to rule the world. You cannot even defeat a comedian. Now, how is that for a joke?