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RFI reported on April 15, Shanghai has completely been locked down since early April, with 25 million residents confined to their apartments.  Shanghai authorities isolated the test positive people in quarantine centers, even those who are asymptomatic.

With more than 20,000 new positive cases per day recently, Shanghai authority even commandeered residential apartments as quarantine facilities, triggering clashes between police and the residents.  Footage shows someone being arrested, the CCP censors deleted most of the videos.

This photo combination made from a viral video, shows police allegedly clashing with local residents in Shanghai, China. (Photo Source:

After the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19) epidemic, the entire world is in quarantine and lockdown.  Only Communist China has adopted massacre quarantine measures such as closing off communities, welding the apartment doors, leaving residents to starve to death.  The authorities do not lift the brutal lockdown, even people died of diseases or committed suicide by jumping off buildings.  With the number of positive infections increased, Shanghai authorities escalated the compulsory measures, and even commandeered residential apartments as quarantine facilities.

Ukraine has only 41 million people, but they are all united to fight against Russia’s attacks.  If all 26 million people in Shanghai resist the inhuman policy, the city lockdown will be end immediately.  If this force is converged in Beijing, the China Communist Party will collapse in an instant, then a new China will be born.

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