In an interview on 16 April, Mr. Pompeo, former Secretary of State of the United States, like Mr. Miles Guo, he reiterated that Xi would invade Taiwan and call on the civilized countries around Taiwan to prepare.

Mr. Pompeo first praised the new CIA Director, Mr. Burns, for making the Chinese Communist Party the greatest threat to the United States. Then, he reiterated that whatever the setbacks in Putin’s war against Ukraine, Xi would not change his ambition to invade Taiwan. He argued that Xi might take a moment to investigate whether there were PLA generals who lied to him like Russian generals and would change their tactics to invade Taiwan, but that in the end, it would start a war that would bring Taiwan to the territory.

Mr. Pompeo concluded by calling on Mr. Biden’s administration to immediately arm Taiwan and prepare for assistance from civilized countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia around Taiwan. These civilized countries, like Taiwan, are also wary of further acts of aggression by Communist China against other countries following their invasion of Taiwan.

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