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It was reported on April 16th that at a Shanghai Mobile Cabin Hospital converted from the Convention and Exhibition Center, a quarantined Ukrainian said she would instead go back to the Ukrainian war zone than stay in the Mobile Cabin Hospital and wait for the clearance of CCP virus cases.

On April 15th, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting interviewed Jane Polubotko, a Ukrainian national who has been living in Shanghai for eight years. Because of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention measures, she is now quarantined in Shanghai Mobile Cabin Hospital, with more than 4,000 people inside. She is the only foreigner, and 138 is her code name.

She said that the facilities there are in horrible condition. There is no shower, and she hasn’t taken a shower for 18 days. And the lights are on 24 hours a day, without any privacy.

She has tested negative for the past three times but still doesn’t know when she can leave the area. She said that all she wanted was get out of there and couldn’t wait to get back to Ukraine. For Polubotko, even if the war is breaking out in Ukraine, it’s better than waiting endlessly to achieve Zero-clearance.


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