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It is April 12th today. Good day to you, brothers and sisters, and my esteemed fellow fighters.

No matter from which perspective, the past 24 hours since yesterday are so critical to us as the New Federal State of China (NFSC) members. Both the EU and the US are in the progress of redefining Hong Kong’s trade and economic status. Hong Kong’s financial markets will be kicked out of all international financial systems. In addition, the West will take the lead in imposing massive sanctions on Hong Kong government officials similar to those imposed on Russia.  

In Shanghai, [the US government] has required “ordered departure” of diplomats, moving from the previous “authorized departure” policy… It is the first time in US-China history [this happens]. It was the NFSC members who first told the Chinese and people of the world about the US government’s “authorized departure” and “ordered departure.” How many countries will follow suit? You’ll see. 

CCP China will surely be in a worse position than North Korea. North Korea at least has maintained certain diplomatic relations. Especially for those Chinese embassies, right? In the future, CCP China will not have foreign relations but only internal affairs, socializing among themselves. Zhongnanhai’s (Beijing) East Gate interacts with the West Gate, called “Zhongnanhai’s own diplomacy!” 

The economy will be decoupled, diplomacy will be decoupled, the trade will be decoupled, and culture, of course, will be decoupled.

Then what will follow? Just think about it, brothers and sisters. There will be a military confrontation! In the South China Sea, the East China Sea… Especially now Eastern Europe has been involved too. Finally, Eastern and Western Europe will unite to fight against CCP’s “Sun God Xi (Xi Jinping, President of China)” and “Czar Putin (President of Russia).” 

To the Chinese overseas, you and your assets… Or those illegitimate children of the CCP officials, do you still expect to live such a good life without any repercussions? Is it possible? Huh?

As for those who did not get vaccinated because you believed the Whistleblower Movement and Wengui (Miles Guo), I think you know what you have gained. Have you lost anything? And what does it mean for you to have joined the NFSC? 

Today on the Ukrainian battlefield frontlines, for the first time since the establishment of the NFSC, a current world-class national leader, the Belgian Prime Minister, came to the NFSC’s Ukraine rescue tent on his own initiative.

The Belgian Prime Minister has full state power, equivalent to a president. And Belgium is also home to many UN agencies. He pointed at Nicole who was wearing a vest that had the “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” slogan, invited her to take a photo with him, and accepted her interview. He willingly went over there, with his bodyguards and his whole team, his security team. 

What does this mean? Do you know how powerful the current Prime Minister of Belgium is? Mr. Alexander De Croo, the future star of Europe, was also one of the first [political figures] against Marxism.

Angela Merkel (former Chancellor of Germany) and Nicolas Sarkozy (former President of France) have worshiped Marxism in Europe for the last 30 years and advocated trade with Russia and the CCP.

They claimed that Russia and the CCP could be changed through trading with them — so-called “first make them better off and enrich them, once they have a good life then the communists can be transformed” — but it was a scam!

Only Germany and France have exclusively enjoyed US military spending to protect their national security, while doing business with the CCP and Russia. They enjoyed nearly free gas and oil, and dominated the Chinese auto market…

That is how they nurtured such people like “Sun God Xi” and “Czar Putin”. That is why there were genocides and concentration camps in Xinjiang, why Hong Kong’s human rights were completely destroyed. That is why brutal human rights abuses repeatedly occurred in Russia, hence Russia’s invasion and massacres in Ukraine, as well as what took place in the Crimean Peninsula. 

Mr. Alexander De Croo of Belgium, his family, his wife, his family members, and his whole family is against Marxism. He is a far-sighted man.

Just like Poland who is left out in the cold by Europe, being obedient and bullied like a doormat almost every day, yet worldwide only Poland has remained calm in the past.

That is why Brother-7 said a few months ago, before the war between Russia and Ukraine started, that Poland and Ukraine would be powerful countries in the international community in the future. I believe Belgium will stand with them.

Over the last few decades, these rogue regimes who were bought off and threatened by the CCP and Russia have tricked the world and Europe. They have thoroughly deceived the US to the extent that the US paid for their national defense. 

Merkel and Sarkozy blocked Ukraine from joining the EU in 2008. That was a disaster and the cause of today’s tragedy, the real cause of today’s disaster! Merkel believes in Marxism; she wants to do business with the CCP and Putin and they become mates. Merkel and Sarkozy are political war criminals.

But the Belgian Prime Minister and his family will surely change Europe. He is a righteous man, brave, virtuous, and highly educated. And his family members are also very high-quality people. 

This morning, he walked to our tent… our fellow fighters, Wen Yao, Wen Ke, Nicole, Lu Bi Ken, Ge Bi Lao Wang, Justice Little Sarah, and Xiao Xiao Su, have done a fantastic job at the scene. Currently, they could be ranked number one on the NFSC’s laurels! But even they themselves had no idea what that meant.

That is why we put up the tent on the front lines, the biggest tent; why we provide coffee, we do our best to maintain the NFSC’s image, and we must speak English.

That is why I have repeatedly stressed that our people should stay on the front line, don’t live in the city of Lviv where Brother David previously stayed, which is 400 kilometers away… So today, our people could get in place immediately as needed when the Belgian Prime Minister came with his security team. 

Lu Bi Ken and Nicole, this adorable young lady, “swish,” rushed up without even a second delay… Mr. De Croo accepted the interview request and invited Nicole to take a picture with him, with Nicole wearing this vest with the “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” slogan.

What was that called? It could be considered a tacit recognition in diplomacy, conveying diplomatic recognition in tacit ways. That is, diplomatically, he acquiesced to “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” — “I agree with it! Come on, let us take a picture.” That is so meaningful to our NFSC members! 

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping encountered both internal trouble and outside pressure on the same day today. Although Nancy Pelosi (the Speaker of the US House of Representatives) is not going to Taiwan for now due to Xi’s threats, she could still visit Taiwan at any time.

The cuckolded Mr. Wang (Wang Hongguang, retired lieutenant general of People’s Liberation Army), husband of Gao Yan Yan (Blackstone Advisory Partners) — is also the man who can stand to share his wife with Wang Qishan (vice president of China). 

Mr. Cuckold Wang, didn’t you once arrogantly declare that if any American troops set foot on Taiwan, Taiwan would suffer a blow, and America would be punished? Haven’t you seen that the US sent so many diplomatic officials and planes to Taiwan? Why don’t you say something, Mr. Cuckold Wang?

Wang Qishan used to sleep with your wife almost every day in bed, under the same blanket…Yet, you help them close the door. You are such a son of bitch!

Do you know how many cuckolds are there in the CCP’s Liberation Army? There are countless! Those men think it is an honor if the chief could sleep with their wives, which is what those bastards in the PLA have done. 

If Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan, do you dare to do anything to her, the CCP? If Hong Kong’s economy collapses, can you still stay in power?

The story in Shanghai that “a woman would be forced to have sex in exchange for a steamed bun each time” has spread throughout the country and is known by the people. The story in Changchun that “a family of three women were forced to get laid in exchange for a bowl of instant noodles” has been known by all Chinese people, even by the whole world.

What about other places? Soon it will be Beijing’s turn, right? What can be happening in Beijing? Will you hear stories such as “to sleep a whole family with one piece of sausage or one case of sausages”? 

CCP, you’re finished! It is God’s will; no one can stop it! No matter from which point of view, the Russia-Ukraine war waged by Russia, or Taiwan, Europe, USA, South America … Let’s watch.  You’ll see which countries in South America will stand with the NFSC. 

I still cannot tell you all the most joyous news I heard today. But you’ll see. 

When the day comes that Himalaya Coin (HCN) becomes the most popular — and, of course, the earliest — digital fiat currency in the world; when RMB becomes a terrorist currency abroad and whoever uses RMB to trade with the CCP is considered using a criminal currency; by then you will know the NFSC’s mighty, you’ll understand.

The CCP doesn’t believe in heresy, does it? But I do; I believe in heresy. However, I believe in God even more, and I am surely convinced evil can never prevail over good.

Brothers and sisters, members of the NFSC, please cherish [what you have]! Amitabha ~kiss you all!

Beware, my compatriots in Beijing. You’d better stock up on supplies, food, and medicine in advance…Take care!