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On March 9, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo in live broadcast talked about the Middle East situation of the Third World War. Miles pointed out that the war fire appearing in the Middle East battlefield is a trick of besieging Wei for saving Zhao planned by Xi and Putin. It is a part of the whole plan of both Putin’s invading Ukraine and Xi’s attacking Taiwan. It is also a trap hole with which Miles prepared for the CCP. The Middle East will go toward a no-emperor new era when all the people share democracy and natural resources instead of the emperor dictatorships; but human beings will have to pay a huge price for reaching into the new era.

1. Gunpowder smoke appeared in Middle East battlefield

Saudi Arabia said on March 11 that a drone strike sparked a small fire at an oil refinery in the capital, Riyadh, but did not cause any harm or affect supplies. Later in the day, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who have been fighting the Saudi-led coalition in their home country since 2015, claimed responsibility for the drone strike.

On March 12, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry said 81 people executed Saturday were involved in atrocities that killed innocent civilians and law enforcement officers, including seven Yemenis and one Syrian. This is the largest single-day execution in Saudi Arabia in decades. Saudi Arabia executed 67 people last year and 27 the year before.

On March 13, Iran claimed responsibility for a missile barrage near a sprawling U.S. consulate in northern Iraq, saying it was retaliation for an Israeli attack in Syria earlier this week that killed two members of the Revolutionary Guard. March 11 is the birthday of the late Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Major General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force. On January 3, 2020, Soleimani was killed in a U.S. MQ-9 drone strike.

2. Xi & Putin playing a trick of besieging Wei for saving Zhao

The Houthis attacked Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh oil refinery, which appeared to be a religious friction between Muslim Shiites and Sunnis, was an attack that the China Communist Party (CCP) participated in planning behind the scenes for affecting the international crude oil market. It is a bargaining chip used by the CCP to threaten the world.

The CCP has launched regional wars among Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria in the Middle East, hitting the US consulate in Iraq, manipulating Syria and the Qatar bases, and urging Iran to take revenge for Soleimani. Xi & Putin are playing the trick of besieging Wei for saving Zhao.

What’s the result? Once the Strait of Hormuz is blocked, oil price may rise to $500 a barrel. Thus, the United States and the Europe can not use the US dollar and the Swift system as effective sanction tools. Now that having gold reserve and the CCP China’s RMB system, Putin will no longer be defeated by the Swift and US Dollar sanctions. That is why Xi and Putin ignited wars in the Middle East for cutting off the oil supply chain

The fires ignited in the Middle East, including yesterday’s bombardment in Iraq, were a long-prepared plan by Xi and Putin, which is a part of the whole plan of both Putin’s invading Ukraine and Xi’s attacking Taiwan. Putin and Xi wanted to use the wars in the Middle East for intercepting financial sanctions by the United States and the Europe.

Seeing the West invoking Swift sanctions against Russia, Xi knows that the next step will be sanctions against the CCP China including RMB and Hong Kong dollar, which will affect Xi’s plan to attack Taiwan. Therefore, Xi wanted to use the wars in the Middle East to crash oil supply of the West.

The price of oil affects the U.S. economy and jobs. Europe’s oil and energy depend on imports. Once Europe runs out of oil and natural gas, Europe may have to compromise with Russia. Therefore, Europe may continue to buy oil from Russian thus stopping Swift sanctions. After that, the CCP will take the opportunity to attack Taiwan.

3. A no-emperor democracy will prevail in the Middle East

The entire Greater Middle East has a population of about 600 million with GDP of 10+ trillions, while it has 80% of the world’s energy supply. There is a very poor Egypt, the rich UAE and Saudi Arabia, a dangerous and half-dead Iran, a battered energy country Iraq, and the small countries Qatar and Oman. Only a few countries have a per capita GDP of 40,000 to 60,000 US dollars. Among the 600 million people in the Middle East, 80% live on the poverty line. However, a very small number of people of the royal families owns a large part of the wealth.

The Middle East has the most dictatorships in the world. Iraq was once gradually moving towards democracy but is now completely controlled by several families due to corruption. During this war time, it is these dictatorships that cooperate with Putin and the CCP. The toilets of Saudi royal planes are all gold-plated, but ordinary people may be beheaded if they have an affair or fall in love. This time, by executing 81 people in a single day, Saudi Arabia is playing a trick of kill some monkeys in front of other monkeys, because there is a rebellion within the royal family.

The CCP is in the last madness of apocalypse. It uses Iran to attack Iraq and the Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia. Next, it may even ignite a war between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. It may also urge a war between Iran and Iraq as well as a war between Israel and Syrian in the Golan Heights. After those, the Afghan Taliban may step up and thus open a Pandora’s box.

In human history, this will be the last battle with the totalitarian dictatorships before the arrival of the democratic era, but human beings will have to pay a huge price. An no emperor era on earth, especially in the Middle East is to come when all the people share democracy and natural resources.

After this war, the dictatorships will not exist, while democracy will prevail in the Middle East. The world will see how the CCP and Russia will pay a huge price for challenging the world’s justice.

4. The United States and Europe will pay a price for ignorance and greed

The United States is very naive and thinks that the CCP dare not to mess up, weaken and defeat the United States. Americans are very greedy, for purchasing cheap oil from the Middle East they conciliate with the royal families by ignoring the abuse of their slaves. If the United States has still not realized that the CCP dares to defeat it, it will have to pay a huge price.

The CCP’s goal is to overthrow the United States and to take over Europe. Knowing that it can’t do better than Europe and the United States in financial systems and technologies, it unites Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, and those oil oligarchs like Saudi Arabia, to form a new axis of evil. Those countries are completely incompetent in technology, and all have one thing in common, that is, they can’t use Swift and U.S. dollar while they can’t travel to Western countries.

The CCP figures that Controlling the energy in the Middle East controls the economic lifeline of Europe, like controlling Europeans’ necks, waistbands, and crotches. Thus, Europe can only buy Russian-priced oil and gas. Therefore, Europe will not have a strong economic base for executing Swift sanctions. The CCP planned to use energy in the Middle East as a threat to Europe upon Swift sanctions.

After the CCP has ignited the war fire in the Middle East, Putin will attack Kyiv in a big way and will destructively bomb the cities of Ukraine, using heavy weapons such as submarines, cruise missiles, anti-aircraft guns, as well as bombers. Ukraine will have an even bigger catastrophe. Our fellow fighters on the front line must pay attention, a bigger challenge of rescue will be in the next 1-2 weeks.

5. Miles participated in leading CCP to be trapped in Middle East

2022 is the darkest year for mankind. Human beings may face unprecedented local nuclear and biological warfare. However, the most fearing is the catastrophe of the toxic vaccines.

Humanity will tragically enter a new no-emperor era when all human beings will be their own masters. In the information era, the way of running a country by family dictatorships by way of cheating and stealing will be swept away. But human beings will also have to pay a huge price for reaching into the new era.

Few of the world’s media speak the truth, while there are few conscience media. Most of them are helping the tyrants, helping the dictatorships, and serving for money. The catastrophe of the toxic vaccines is a punishment for human’s ignorance and greed. There will be financial disasters, resource disasters, and medical disasters.

When Liu Yanping was dealing with Miles, he did not know that Miles dug a trap hole for him and the CCP. The war trap in the Middle East today was dug by Miles for the CCP. One day in the future, Miles will show a lot of files, videos as well as audios to prove how Miles dug the trap hole for the CCP in the past few years, and how the CCP has fallen into the trap in the Middle East and Europe as well as can never turn back.

The world is changing dramatically while we are standing in the process. We are the protagonists, not the supporting ones. We will create a bright future and a paradise on earth.

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