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The mayor of Bucha said city officials have identified 163 civilians killed by Russian army, about half of the total number of people found dead in the town.

“To date, we have been able to identify 163 of those killed,” said Butcha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk in an interview to Voice of America.

(This picture shows destroyed Russian armored vehicles in the city of Bucha, west of Kiev, March 4, 2022. The mayor of Bucha claims that so far officials have identified 163 residents who were allegedly killed by Russian forces in the Kiev region.)

The mayor noted that this figure represents half of the people killed by Russian forces in the town.

“These are residents of our town who were cynically killed, brutally tortured by the Russians. We know their last names, first names, patronymics [father’s names], where they lived, and who they were—fathers, sons, wives, in one family or another.”

When asked how many people were killed in Bucha, the mayor replied, “320.”

On Monday, the Kremlin denied all allegations related to the killing of civilians in Bucha.

Fedoruk also warned that it was “too early” for civilians to return to Bucha.

“A significant percentage of the territory is still dangerous,” he said. Newsweek has contacted the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.


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