Author: Cici
Himalaya Nuremberg Germany

Over the weekend, after the withdrawal of Russian troops, Ukrainian troops regained full military control over the surrounding areas of Kyiv. Ukrainian officials said that the bodies of a total of 410 residents have been found in the area around the capital Kyiv.
On Sunday, images from the suburb of Bucha caused international shock. According to CNN, the horrific images of dead civilians were captured by the Agence France-Presse. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also described the horrific scene: the corpses of at least 20 civilians lay in the streets of the northwestern town of Bucha in the capital Kyiv. Residents told CNN that on the first day of the war, the bodies of about 150 civilians, most of them civilians killed in fighting around town, were buried in graves at St. Andrew’s Church and Pyervozvannoho All Saints Church. Mayor Bucha said on Saturday that as many as 300 victims could be buried at the scene. In the town of Bucha, the CNN team personally observed a large mass grave and saw at least a dozen bodies in body bags piled up inside the graves. Some have been partially covered.
Ukraine blamed the massacre on Russian troops who had only recently occupied the town. Ukraine’s justice minister declared on Sunday: “It is a hell that must be recorded in order for the non-humans who created it to be punished.”
Moscow denies this.