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Hello, esteemed fellow fighters. Brother-7 just turned on my mobile phone. And I saw so many messages from fellow fighters. It seems that Brother-7’s fate is closely linked with our fellow fighters, ha-ha!

Everyone knows that today, April 6th, Brother-7 will attend a court session. I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning to prepare. The court hearing officially started at 10 o’clock; it lasted the whole day and had just finished. 

This [lawsuit filed by] Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the gang of Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu, Chinese-American entrepreneur and registered CCP spy) who brought this Ma Rui lawsuit… These people thought they could bring down Brother-7. I can do more than ten hours long of live broadcasts, and my regular live broadcasts usually last a few hours. How can they crush me like this, right? 

But I really feel bad for the Chinese interpreter today. It was never an easy task for the first time, and he was exhausted. But we feel very good about our court session today.

The Trustee assigned by the US government is extraordinarily professional. How come the government officials of the United States are so good? I have met this lady several times. She is very competent, very qualified. Look at her performance at the court session. How can she be so professional? 

I was just thinking that the Chinese people brag all day long, boasting that they want to rule the world and rule the United States. How come I have never met such professional Chinese government officials? Well, let’s wait for the New Federal State of China (NFSC) in the future!

So today is another day that I was “tortured” by these minions of the CCP. But I especially enjoyed learning the law throughout this process — for our Chinese people should be like this in the future. We want to do this too, that is, to handle affairs under the law. 

A society will be safe if there are laws and rules, and everything becomes easy. Really, I am so envious of this system in the United States. No matter how rich you are, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how poor you are, no matter who you are… All are equal before the law. It is truly awesome! Great! Most importantly, you must tell the truth; you will pay the price for lying in court.

This country is amazing. If you lie, not tell the truth, you will have to pay the price. The price is real, not fake, and no one can help. It’s not because you are the sister-in-law of the Standing Committee member, the little lover of the head of a county, or the family of the chief of public security that can make you spared. 

Think about it, China’s basic social system is more than one hundred or two hundred years behind the United States. The CCP has neither faith nor the laws as the bottom line, let alone morality. Seriously, none of those Americans in the court session would understand how I feel. I envy them so much! 

Even if…, I really think you can ask me to do whatever in China, as long as China has such a system. Then the Chinese people will be fine.

Look at Shanghai, look at Changchun. Can you be considered humanity if you treat people that way? People in China are treated worse than dogs in the US. A district mayor in Shanghai cannot do better than a homeless dog in the US. A rich man with billions or tens of billions in Shanghai has become even worse than a stray dog ​​in the US. 

It is terrible! A society without laws is horrible! A society without faith is too dangerous!

I Love America! After leaving [China]…Look at this whole big forest. Society is orderly, and there are too many…

But I also appreciate this kind of greetings from my fellow fighters… I heard that in today’s “Miles Grand Live” show, Lao-Ban-Zhang (Chairperson of Himalaya Alliance Committee (HAC)) played Brother-7’s role very successfully. You always think that Lao-Ban-Zhang is sissy, don’t you? That’s because he deals with you gently, and deep down, he is tough. No kidding!

Yesterday I met Brother Chang Dao (Secretary-General of HAC) at the office. Brother Chang Dao, in person, is completely different from the first time I met him. I mean, his introverted and calm character… the entire person has transformed. 

I believe that my fellow fighters have seen that each of our fellow fighters is changing in our lives. I have no doubts. Lao-Ban-Zhang and all the fellow fighters will quickly transform and proceed towards our new Chinese people’s goal of the Himalayas!

I am extremely touched by the greetings from so many fellow fighters. Brother-7 is so blessed! So I quickly recorded this GETTR video to tell everyone: Everything is fine, all is well, it’s all right! Okay? Don’t worry, take it easy, relax! 

I’ll say no more. I have arrived. Kiss you all!