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On March 2, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo in live broadcast made a preliminary analysis of the post-war world order of World War III. Miles predicted that Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. will become the first- or second-level economic powers, with the US as the strongest; and that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will be the biggest winner, which will include the future China, Luxembourg/Swiss Commonwealth, and Singapore.

1. Germany and Japan are two awakened war machines

Recently, U.S. agents have confirmed that Russia’s assets are as much as US$17 trillion. But Russia’s annual GDP is only about $1 trillion. Since the CCP China’s annual GDP has reached about US$15 trillion, by analogy, it can be imagined how much money the CCP’s top families have hidden overseas.

On February 27, German Chancellor Scholz said that from now on, Germany’s military spending will increase from the past 1.5% of GDP to more than 2% of GDP, and that Germany is to set up a special budget of 100 billion euros (about US$112 billion) for Re-equip the army to create a more advanced and powerful armed force.

The two stupid pigs, Putin and Xi Jinping, finally awakened Germany and Japan, the two war machines. Prussian education in the two countries educates people to be social robots.

2. The post-war world order

The entire world order will be greatly changed, creating a new Europe, a new Asia, and a new Australia. Australia will stand up while Canada will wake up.

On February 28, the Swiss confederation government decided to adopt all the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia. Switzerland will freeze the assets of 363 individuals and four companies of Russia. The Swiss sanction list includes Russian Prime Minister Mishustin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in addition to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus, Switzerland is becoming economically a western country. Next, let’s see how Luxembourg will make a statement.

The rising Taiwan will replace Singapore as Asia’s financial empire, while the UK will become a new economic empire in Europe. The United States will keep being the strongest both in militarily and economically. Countless powerful political and economic entities—Canada, Australia, etc.—will be born around the United States as new second-tier or quasi-first-tier empires.

After 2022, there will be no Putin and Xi. In the human history, all the faint-hearted dictators made absurd decisions to start wars when their health was becoming worse; so did Putin and Xi this time. Putin was born on October 7, 1952, while Xi was born on June 15, 1953. Neither of the two dictators will survive the age of 70, therefore, the end of this year will be their last days.

3. China will not be chaotic

In the era of Internet, social media instantly has helped Zelensky, a clown actor, becoming a great world leader, while made Putin being a clown. The Russian-Ukrainian war has shown that information warfare is so important; in this regard, Miles have been winning over the CCP.

When our NFSC have told the truth, the Chinese people will truly accept that the world cannot be without NFSC. China will soon have a one-person-one-vote democracy.

Because of the internet and social media, China will not be in chaos when Xi and the CCP are eliminated. At that time, Miles and his fellow fighters will appear in the public saying that Chinese must have the one-person-one-vote democracy system to elect their government. After that, no Chinese will believe the CCP’s leaders anymore.

In the past, Miles really didn’t have confidence in the Chinese people, because Chinese had been so deeply poisoned and brainwashed. However, since the Russian-Ukrainian war, Miles has been encouraged to understand that Chinese will be awakened soon if you treat them with patience.

4. Popularity of civilian leaders

Zelensky has changed the image of politicians in the world. The consequence is that Miles is the biggest beneficiary. When Miles was playing as a political clown with the CCP’s top leaders in the past 30 years, his performance was not inferior to Zelensky.

Trump has told the world that a real estate developer can be a president. Now, Zelensky has told the world that a common person can be a world leader. Miles has never wanted to participate in politics, but it is Miles’ lifetime mission to promote the political system of one-person-one-vote in the new China under the influence of the NFSC.

The world will accept persons without any political backgrounds as influential political leaders. Miles’ fellow fighters, no matter your professions are, may become political leaders in the future.

5. The NFSC will be the biggest winner

We’re going to sweep the battlefield. And we’re going to be involved in rebuilding after this war.

People of the NFSC will be the biggest beneficiaries. We don’t take money, we don’t take life, we don’t harm anyone, we don’t tell lies, but we only help people. According to various religions in the West today, we are angels.

Our Righteousism has no desire, no self, and no purpose. The relationship between us and the people we are rescuing in the Poland-Ukraine frontline is of pure humanitarian.

Economically, we will be the biggest winner in the digital era. The future China + Luxembourg/Swiss Commonwealth + Singapore will be the NFSC.

6. World Was III

On February 25, Mr. Guo said in his live broadcast: The operations behind the toxic vaccines and the Covid-19 virus are the original intention and means for starting Russian-Ukrainian war. It was a well-planned and premeditated worldwide genocide. It has three stages: beginning with biological and chemical warfare, later causing collapse of the world economy, and lastly carrying out a geo-economic and political plunder. This is a third world war that will change the world order and change all mankind.

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