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Translated by: MOS Information Team – Johnlee

On April 5, AUKUS, a security framework composed of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, issued a summit statement, announcing that they would jointly develop the most advanced weapons that fly far beyond the speed of sound – hypersonic weapons and interception technologies, which are considered as a countermeasure to confront Communist China and Russia that have implemented the first development.

Image Source: NHK

Hypersonic weapons are difficult to intercept because they travel at five times the speed of sound of Mach 5 or higher speed. The use of such weapons has been publicized in March during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, North Korea also conducted a test launch of such a weapon in January this year.

It is said that Communist China and Russia have been the first to develop and lead the development of such weapons. In order to confront Communist China and Russia, the three countries, the United States, Britain and Australia decided to quickly gather technical forces to cooperate and develop under a new framework. AUKUS was established in September 2021. In the process of Communist China’s continuous expansion into the ocean, AUKUS provides Australia with technical support for the deployment of nuclear submarines, and military cooperation in the field of network and AI (artificial intelligence) is also gaining momentum.


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