A story published on Axios.com on 4th April 2022, reports on the truly horrifying and almost movie-like scenario of a dictator government in this case the brutal CCP, harvesting organs for transplants from executed prisoners and potentially from humans who have not had the correct procedure’s performed on them to establish actual brain death.

A plethora of Chinese medical journal articles published between 1980 and 2015, when the CCP said it would stop procuring organs from executed prisoners, describe doctors in China performing organ transplants without following standard procedures for establishing brain death, according to new research published in a top U.S. medical journal. So basically with the possibility that the person who is having the organs removed could technically still be alive.

This shows, in the words of the physicians themselves, that they prioritised organ procurement over adhering to the most basic medical oath — “first do no harm” said research co-author Jacob Lavee, director of the heart transplantation unit at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

For decades, the Chinese Communist Party permitted organ procurement from, according to many reports the religious group ‘Falun Gong’ and also executed prisoners many of which were likely wrongfully imprisoned for the sole and highly lucrative purpose of organ harvesting, not surprisingly a practice widely condemned in medical ethics because prisoners, especially those on death row, cannot offer true consent for organ donation.

In 2013, Huang Jiefu, the head of the Chinese Health Ministry’s organ transplant office, told Reuters, “I am confident that before long all accredited hospitals will forfeit the use of prisoner organs.”

By 2015, the Chinese government claimed it had ended the barbaric and brutal practice and had established a voluntary organ donation system, though researchers have since challenged that claim due to concerns with Chinese government data on organ donation since then and in 2017, Huang said it was possible some organs from executed prisoners were still being used.

Researchers identified 71 articles published in Chinese medical journals between 1980 and 2015 in which physicians describe procuring an organ from a donor without first performing a test that is key to establishing brain death, according to an article published on April 4 in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Transplantation.

The declaration of brain death, the standard prerequisite before removing organs from a donor to ensure the organ removal is not itself the cause of death, involves a list of medical tests that must be performed and that may take several hours. The key final step involves an apnea test, which requires intubation of the donor patient.

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