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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on April 3, 2022, Mr. Guo shares insights on the Russia-Ukraine War, Taiwan, the CCP virus, Himalaya Coin, and the media competition. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

1. Communist China supplied the HQ missiles and anti-missile systems to Russia five days ago. The HQ missile system was deployed in Serbia, posing a danger to NATO’s air support to Ukraine. The portable, high-precision HQ missile technology was stolen from the US, and will be installed in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Yemen, Saudi, Tunisia, and Djibouti, directly threatening US Air Force aircrafts, and it is the only CCP missile that uses BeiDou Satellite Navigation System. The US and NATO must shoot down BeiDou. In addition, the CCP’s massive cyber force has teamed with Russia. Xi Jinping is once again hastening the demise of the communist party.

2. The probability of a Russia-Ukraine reconciliation is rising. The war could evolve into a prolonged conflict similar to the Palestine-Israel war and be used by the East and West for political rivalry. The chance of nuclear war is nil. 

3. Putin and Xi Jinping have passed three points of no return. (1) Putin and Xi are in poor health. (2) Russia and Communist China’s economy could be depressed for 5-10 years, so they will lose people’s support. (3) The image of the people of the two countries in the world will be destroyed for a decade or even a century.

4. The CCP will hit Taiwan even harder. The CCP will attack Taiwan insanely without a bottom line. The Taiwan issue shouldn’t be handled like Ukraine; preemptive strikes on the CCP are the best strategy. 

5. The 2021 floods in Communist China inundated two billion acres of crops, and the people will suffer this year. The grain that the CCP claims to import is a scam.

6. Shanghai put in place 5000 gasification incinerators, which can gasify 5 million corpses per day! People who received the CCP virus vaccines are developing symptoms similar to the virus. The CCP is aware that the virus outbreak in Shenzhen, Jilin, and Shanghai is entirely the vaccine’s adverse effect. It plays politics in quarantine measures, which is bracing for the full-blown vaccine disaster.

7. Scientists: people who recovered from the CCP virus will not have any issues, especially after taking ivermectin and artemisinin. Artemisinin is absolutely effective for women with uterine cancer and inflammation, men with heart attacks and brain infarction, and Caucasians with pancreatic diseases, prostate problems and brain infarction. If you had surgery, take artemisinin with caution and follow your doctor’s instructions! Vitamins D, E, and iron should not be ingested with artemisinin. Do not overdose. A brother in arms from the Himalaya Pangu farm purchased 2 million boxes of ivermectin and a lot of artemisinin to give away for free!

8. Three countries have added digital currencies to their national foreign exchange reserves, including Himalaya Coins! The upcoming HPay technology will be the top of the line in the world. Himalaya Coin achieves the security and controllability of digital currency! The US and European digital currency bills will punish fraudulent Binance as an example to others. 

9. The US dollar will descend to  a secondary currency in the future, half weaker than the current value  and a little stronger than the British pound. Himalaya Coin will lead the world’s currency!

10. Himalaya Coins traded over the counter could be confiscated! Coins that are not traded on an exchange are considered over-the-counter transactions, which could cost you money and get you into tax trouble for life!

11. Trump and the CCP agent Bruno Wu’s partnership in the media business could be a big political scandal. Gettr’s investment committee has decided not to cooperate with Trump. Former President Trump winning the 2024 election may not be good for the destruction of the CCP. Pompeo, if elected, will be the CCP’s nightmare. Even several other candidates are more determined than Trump to snuff out  the CCP. Miles Guo is busy these days planning for the important matters after the CCP’s demise.

12. The competition will make the media industry better. Elon Musk’s media will be excellent commercially but lack  faith. He can never build a media comparable to the platform of the Whistleblowers Movement. Elon Musk is afraid of and a bit close to the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo declined to meet with Musk’s top five investors. However, Musk’s technology will change the world, especially communication systems and means of transport. He won’t dominate the new energy technology, which is likely to come from Ukraine and Japanese companies!

13. Smearing Miles Guo is a business. The CCP releases a video vilifying Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers Movement every few months. The latest  came from Al Jazeera. However, not only have the CCP shot itself in the foot, but also , again, the smearing documentary has raised the awareness of the Whistleblowers Movement and brought traffic to Gettr. The world’s media is about to  change dramatically, and 90% of the mainstream media currently we are familiar with will disappear.

14. Pakistan is already in civil unrest, with theincumbent president taken out by his predecessor Sharif. Mr. Miles Guo warned last week that the CCP would overthrow Pakistan’s disobedient government.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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