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According to a report from the media True North on March 27, since 1980, the Canadian federal government has provided the Chinese Communist government with 168 loans totaling C$364 million, of which 147 are interest-free loans for more than 40 years.  Other loans have interest rates ranging from 1% to 9%.

It is reported that the above funds were lent to the Chinese Communist government through the federal government account in accordance with Canada’s Export Development Act.  The original intention of these huge loans is to ensure that Canadian exporters can compete more effectively internationally and profit from China.

Trudeau’s Liberal government has continued to provide loans to the regime despite a previous vote in Canada’s parliament to convict China of genocide.  Once Communist China refuses to pay its debts or collapses, the loans will never be repaid and any losses incurred will be borne by all Canadian taxpayers.

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