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Translated by: Boston May Flower Farm – Outer Rim

Reported on March 28, since the Russia-Ukraine war, foreign capital is fleeing Communist China at an unprecedented rate, based on a new study by the Institute of International Finance (IIF). Such a phenomenon has never occurred in other emerging markets.

The IIF study shows, the average daily capital outflows from Communist China’s stocks reached nearly $500 million. Some data from Wall Street also corroborates the IIF’s conclusion that foreign investors have dumped $9.5 billion worth of Chinese stocks in March this year. The last time the similar happened was in March 2020 during the initial stage of the CCP virus global outbreak, those foreign investors sold stocks that worth $10.6 billion. 

The report pointed out that foreign investors have begun to stay away from Communist China’s stock market due to factors such as strict capital controls and unpredictable policy risks, as well as the influence of government-led financial regulators. In the recent two years, the Chinese Communist Party government’s rambunctious crackdown on listed companies had a serious impact on foreign investors. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Communist China’s ambiguous attitude to Russia has made foreign investors even more uneasy. They are generally concerned that Communist China’s stance on Russia may lead to severe sanctions from the United States.


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