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MOS Translation Team – Sania (Pen Name: Sania S)

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 27, Miles Guo explained the real cause of death of his fellow fighter, Mr. Tsewang Norbu. Miles Guo said that Norbu was a very talented person in his life, and many of the people he socialized within his life are very educated and decent people. Miles Guo recalled that a major domestic musician of the Communist China mentioned when introducing Norbu that Tibetans were so miserable and for that reason he was willing to give his life to save each Tibetan.

Miles Guo also revealed that Norbu suffered persecution from the CCP for following the Whistleblower Movement and Miles Guo’s live broadcasts. However, even so, Norbu, our fellow fighter, prayed for all the fellow fighters every time he watched the live broadcast. Miles Guo also mentioned that he initially believed the news that Norbu had set himself on fire because he had earlier had messages with Norbu. However, according to sources who spoke to Miles Guo, Norbu was in fact beaten to death by the CCP.


Edited and posted by: Laura L

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