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Recently, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the next U.S. national security strategy should focus on curbing authoritarianism and formally recognizing the sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and how to prevent the CCP’s aggression.

Image Source: Epoch Times

On an interview at the Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank on March 28, Pompeo said, “Being in an ambiguous place is really, really dangerous.” Because “Authoritarians will use that ambiguity against you every time. We ought to acknowledge that Taiwan is an independent nation. It’s not part of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

The CCP has always claimed that Taiwan is a territory separated from the CCP’s control, although Taiwan has been independent and self-governing since 1949 and has never been ruled by the CCP.

When talking about the upcoming national security strategy of the Biden administration, Pompeo suggested that the United States should maintain the principle of “Strategic Ambiguity” regarding Taiwan issue.

Pompeo said that our previous use of the word “competitor” against the CCP is maybe too weak, given the CCP’s increasing repression under its leader, Xi Jinping.  He said, “If I wrote it myself, I would use the word ‘adversary’ today.” Pompeo believes that the Chinese regime itself has a deep understanding of power, and they only respect power.

Pompeo also questioned the effort of the Biden administration to continued diplomatic cooperation with Russia to revive the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, when Russia is now invading Ukraine.

Pompeo warned, “This is not strategy, that is ignorance. And it is naive and dangerous, most importantly to the United States.” This continued diplomatic acceptance of authoritarian leaders will create a cascade of security challenges and may encourage further attempts by the CCP to aggression or repression.

Pompeo said, “I can’t see anything that will cause Xi Jinping to change his vision for being the Middle Kingdom, to be this global hegemonic power.” Pompeo believes that “I think his (Xi) use of hard power and their capacity will only be encouraged by this. He’ll see that no, we not only have to have it, we have to be effective in our ability to execute it.”

Given this, Pompeo believes that the best course of action the United States can take is to formally recognize Taiwan, the Republic of China as an independent state, increase training and intelligence sharing with the island, and assist Taiwan in building military capabilities to ensure that in the event of war, the CCP has to pay a huge price.


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