Authors: Canada Vancouver Sailing Farm – Wenlai and Chenxi

Translator: Canada Vancouver Sailing Farm – Manpui

Editors: Canada Vancouver Sailing Farm – Gerald Garwood and Lily

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 According to a recent report by the media True North, the latest polls show that most Canadians support the Conservative Party’s current proposal to completely cancel the election promise to provide funds to the state broadcaster CBC.

Last year alone, CBC received about $1.4 billion in funding from the federal government, accounting for 70 per cent of its revenue.  In addition, Trudeau will add an additional $400 million to reduce the company’s reliance on advertisers.  At the moment, however, most Canadians are losing trust in the traditional media and fully support completely defunding it.

At the same time, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) also urged the authorities to end the huge funding for the CBC and the rescue plan for other traditional media as soon as possible, and this has received widespread support from all walks of life.  The federation’s director said this: “It’s a strong signal that most taxpayers are deeply dissatisfied with the federal government’s annual funding to the CBC.”

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