Author: Xi’Ady

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There is a new finding for me when I read today’s news worldwide. That is, the gas prices are rising a lot in Australia and a lot of people are having trouble affording large amounts of money for this. Because we stay at home we are not in urgent need to buy gas for transport daily, this isn’t a problem for us.

In other words, we don’t have to worry much about the cost of refilling the gas tank; but there are many people who still need to go out to work. Therefore, most of them need to use cars – which means they also need gas. Consequently, the price of fuel is a key for their living expenses now.

In this case, with the gas prices skyrocketing, their pocket will be more tight. No doubt, their life becomes more difficult. This could lead to a domino effect onto many other economic issues – gas being more valuable and rare could also affect the trades in lots of countries.

This crisis we are living in, it is full of dangers. Many people who rule the world are the reason. In other words, with them, all of these problems would never end. Just like the CCP virus, once people think all the dangers of pandemic are solved they release another one to cause fear and harm. To put it in a way precisely, CCP is a virus-like thing, it should be eradicated. We need to unite together and take down the CCP.

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