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According to a CCN report on March 26th, in the past two years, the Chinese people have tolerated living under the strictest restrictions of the CCP virus control measures in the world.

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Strict travel restrictions, constant digital tracking, massive testing and rapid lockdowns in the event of lesser positive cases, are accepted as trade-offs for a life relatively free from the CCP virus.

However, Communist China has so far failed to contain the latest outbreak. There are people who feel frustrated complaining it online, for the first time, the Beijing’s zero-CCP-virus strategy has received mainstream criticism for the first time.

According to the videos shared online, some residents were protesting at the Shenzhen Tech Center on Sunday after the lockdown period has been extended from the initial plan.

A man protested and shouted behind the tall plastic barriers “You can’t do this, we need to eat and pay the rent!” In another video shows poeple shouting “Lift the lockdown! We demand to lift the lock down!”

Earlier this month, thousands of people tried to escape from the sudden lockdown at a trade fair in Guangzhou after a single positive case was detected. Some people jumped over the fence to runaway from the lockdown at the convention center.

During Communist China’s control of the pandemic in the past two years, such scenes were unprecedented. Amid Communist China’s worst outbreak since the beginning of 2020, millions of people have been locked down while the number of cases continues to rise.

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