By VOG Video News Team

Miles Guo’s Opening Speech on the Declaration of New Federal State of China

My dear friends-in-arms, our 1.4 billion fellow Chinese, our fellows in Hongkong, Tibet, and Taiwan,

Mr. Bannon and I are now in Manhattan, New York, USA. Behind us is the symbol of our faith, the Statue of Liberty, and Lady May, our battleship.

I’m greatly honored to be able to witness with our friends-in-armsthe Founding Ceremony of our New Federal State of China.

Dear brothers and sisters, I didn’t prepare any speech. I don’t want to talk about any dreams. The Chinese have been dreaming for thousands of years. The CCP gave us nightmares. Now Xi Jinping gave us a worse nightmare. I don’t want to dream anymore.

This is the reason why we are here. I want to tell my fellows, each of us has the obligation and responsibility to protect our fathers, mothers, sisters,
daughters, brothers and family.We also have the responsibility to protect our friends.

We want to end the CCP’s thuggish rule, a thuggish regime in which everything
belongs to the Party, everything has to obey the Party, and the Party is considered dearer than your parents.

Starting from today, the CCP is no longer the legitimate government of China.

Here I represent the millions of friends-in-arms in the Whistleblower Movement
and all of our friends who love peace, goodness, freedom, rule of the law, and democracy. I tell you, we’ll defeat the CCP in China.

And Mr. Bannon is a symbolic friend in the world. We have the support of more than
100 countries in the world, which are now focusing attention on our Founding Ceremony. We want to pursue the goals that our family no longer lives in fear and our assets are no longer plundered.

Our country shouldn’t be controlled by a few families. The people must be able to vote with “One person, one ballot.” Since the CCP says it serves the people, its power to serve must be determined by the people. We shall decide whether to let it serve us. This is called the New Federal State of China.

We want to take back our basic dignity as humans, the equality for all humans,
and the kindness of human nature. We shouldn’t let coronaviruses be created again
to kill the peace-loving people in the US and around the world.

Also, we don’t allow such catastrophe to happen again in Hongkong, where people are dying at any moment. We also don’t allow Taiwan to live in fear, and don’t allow the 1.4 billion people to live like slaves.

That’s the reason why we create the New Federal State of China.

We shall fear no more, we shall compromise no more. We have only one goal, but no dreams, to overthrow the CCP and to establish the New Federal State of China. We’ll build a peaceful, new China with democracy, rule of the law, and religious freedom. We won’t stop until we realize our goal.

This is why the Statue of Liberty is behind us today. We want to thank all Americans– Republicans, Democrats, and other people–for giving us the opportunity.

Today while New York is in lockdown and under curfew, we are allowed to be here, with the airplanes and security guards. Mr. Bannon and I are allowed to announce
the Declaration of the New Federal State of China. Anyone who loves peace,
and anyone who respects family, individuals, the world, and others should firmly remember today. We made it.