Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture Source: Sohu

As reported by various media on March 25, the Shanghai Dongfang Hospital issued an announcement: a nurse named Zhou Shengni suffered an asthma attack at home on March 23, and her illness wasn’t relieved by medication; Zhou was later sent to the hospital and died despite emergency first aid.

A doctor named “CY Hao Xichun” revealed on Weibo that Zhou suddenly suffered an asthma attack but couldn’t get ambulance service by dialing the number 120. Many hospitals nearby have shut down emergency room service, and even the hospital where Zhou worked at have stopped emergency room service. (Because of the Chinese Communist Party virus or Covid pandemic, emergency rooms are closed, and much medical personnel is sent to work on virus PCR testing.) Due to the lack of timely medical treatment, Zhou Shengni, unfortunately, passed away.

According to another news report, the chief nurse at a hospital in Shanghai complained during an internal meeting: the messy epidemic prevention measures led to a worrisome hospital environment for nurses at the grass-root level, overly high pressure from work, and vacancies in supporting positions. In addition, because the pay for nurses isn’t high, she said “everyone is at the point of a nervous breakdown”

As Mr. Miles Guo explained, the purpose of rampant virus PCR tests in Communist China is not to prevent the disease but to enforce curfews. The Chinese Communist Party is playing this game for several purposes: first, this is to prove that the CCP can eliminate virus cases to zero; second, this is to make the common people accustomed to staying at home; third, this achieves the goal of curfew, which restricts the common people’s wealth and lifestyle. Family as the basic element of the society is completely infiltrated by the CCP.

The entire process is to sacrifice the common people at the bottom of society. Front-line medical workers and epidemic-prevention personnel working at the bottom are just dispensable victims.