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Translated by: MOS Media Team – Mindblade

In the Live Broadcast on March 20th, Miles said that there will be a small chance that WWIII would be triggered if Xi Jinping attacks Taiwan, and the United States will undoubtedly win in the end.

Miles believes that even if the CCP attacks Taiwan, along with other evil countries, such as North Korea and Iran waging wars at the same time, there is still little chance of causing World War III. The United States is powerful enough to deal with these rogue countries, and it’s just a matter of how much to pay. The axis of evil countries can choose to provoke a war, but it is decided by the U.S. when and how it ends.

As for Imran Khan of Pakistan, Khamenei of Iran and other dictators close to the CCP, will soon be taken down along with the CCP. 


Proofread / Edited by: Cloud Xu
Chief Editor: Saturn M.
Posted by: FreedomKat

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