A war on food has begun. 

• Grain prices hit a record high yesterday.
• The richer the country, the more food it buys. European countries imported large amounts of food. All these transactions are done over the counter, which will not be seen on the market.

Gold prices won’t go high. 

• Now in China, people are even selling them at a discount.

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Digital currencies have taken the place of gold.

• People from Wall Street believe Himalaya Coin (HCN) and Himalaya Dollar(HDO) will be the world’s most bullish currencies if they keep doing well. They are all amazed by the structure and design. There is no other crypto that can achieve the stability of HCN price.

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On the Russia-Ukraine war, Putin seems unable to back down.

• Washington is investigating whether Xi’s China sent food, oil, weapons and military aid to Russia.
• Soon the Chinese people will have to pay for the consequences of what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done to the world.

Putin’s problem is that he is too greedy. Putin has already been the president of Russia for so many years but still tries to take over the world.

• Putin invaded Ukraine, not because of NATO’s eastern enlargement. The real reason is that he fears the political freedom of Ukraine would come to Russia and awaken the Russian people. Just like the CCP doesn’t want to see the Chinese people get smart and know how it is lying to them.
• Any enslaved slave will certainly get rid of or even end his master once he knows he is enslaved.

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The situation in Hong Kong is getting worse every day. However, their voices will no longer be heard.

Alibaba appointed PAG’s Weijian Shan (單偉建) as Independent Director to serve on the board’s audit committee.

• Recently Alibaba stock and other Chinese stocks are down sharply.
• Top Chinese secret agent became Alibaba’s auditor while Jack Ma disappeared, and the CCP took over Alibaba. Is this a coincidence?
• Weijian Shan and everyone from his family are the CCP’s spies helping it steal Americans’ pension funds. And Shan is aiming to end the Whistleblower Movement (WM), but he won’t make it. He and his family will all end up in prison for the rest of their lives.

Our unvaccinated WM warriors who hold HCNs, own our own social media platform and have no original sins are the luckiest people in the world. The West will go after anyone who has colluded with the CCP. 

• Bruno Wu(吳征) and his wife, Yang Lan(楊瀾), are using the excuse that they can finish the WM to keep them alive. But they will experience terrible suffering before their deaths.
• What is “Operation Clean Internet”? All those related to the CCP overseas are to be questioned and investigated.

It is truly heartbreaking to see more than 130 lives vanished in the China Eastern plane crash.

• Miles has received some information from China, and now is not the time to talk about it. But one thing is for sure, at least one of those 130+ passengers is currently confirmed to be our WM warrior.
• Let’s cherish the people around us, love our comrades, and love everything around us.
• Cherish everyone in our lives, love fellow warriors, and appreciate all we have.