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Due to the strict social distancing measures that have hit the catering industry in Hong Kong hard, fast food has emerged in the past year. Under the current economic situation, a box of two-course meals only costs 20 to 30 yuan, attracting many grassroots citizens. The reporter found earlier in the area from Yau Ma Tei to Mong Kok that there are at least nine two-course restaurants and at least six restaurants in Sham Shui Po. The fast-food industry drives landlords to increase rents, outperforming the average growth of shops and commercial units in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures and a food paradise. It is a way of life for wealthy Hong Kong people to look for food at any cost in their spare time. However, under the CCP virus and mandatory epidemic prevention, Hong Kong’s service industry has fallen into a low ebb, especially the catering industry is facing the tide of closing. None of them are spared from the century-old famous shops to the rich and renowned dining halls, from the traditional tea restaurants to the food stalls. All industries are in recession, unemployment remains high, material supply is tight, and prices are soaring. The lives of Hong Kong people are becoming more and more difficult. But people rely on food as their basic needs. In response to the social situation in Hong Kong, cheap and fast-food restaurants began to appear in the streets and alleys of Hong Kong. These small shops do not have dining tables, so there is no need for space and decoration. The cost saved can provide cheap meals. The price of two dishes and a bowlful of rice is about 20 to 30 yuan. It is indeed trendy at the moment when Hong Kong people’s budget is tight. The media’s cameras were overwhelmed with business at these stalls as if they were back in Shenzhen in the nineties.

In urban or industrial areas, such cheap fast-food restaurants opened in the market, and the stomach was the demand for grass-roots migrant workers. As times go forward, Hong Kong, under the control of the Cup, has regressed to the mainland level in the 1990s.

The initially arrogant Hong Kong people bowed their heads in the reality of fewer job opportunities, lower wages, and no expenses reduction. They figured out how to eat well in front of these fast-food stalls that Hong Kong people once despised. The media is, as usual, inverting black and white and beautifying the retrogression under the control of the CCP into a landscape of Hong Kong’s social development.

They also try to whitewash the collapse of the entire rental market with the slight increase in rental value driven by the fast-food industry. The leaders of the evil CCP once defined that if a billion Chinese died, it would be acceptable to eat grass for three years. Hong Kong now officially announces that more than 200 people pass away every day. It has become popular among citizens to eat fast food. Without eliminating the CCP, Hong Kong people will die out, and there will be no chance to eat grass.

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