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xin123 (Pen Name: Xin Q)

On Mar. 16, according to a comprehensive analysis from the GETTR news, the challenges we faced in recent years can be called the biggest crisis after World War II, or could even be called “World War III”.

Miles repeatedly exposed that the originator and supporters of this world war is the CCP, as well as other evil axes Russia, Iran and North Korea. The dictatorial regimes of these have been waiting for an opportunity to launch interlocking plans to plunge the world into four major battlefields.

First, ever since 2019, the CCP has released viruses to launch an attack on the world in an attempt to crush the economies and disrupt the politics of Western countries, leaving countries around the world in turmoil. The CCP has instituted a strict system of internal regulation of scanning QR codes and swiping cards, and it has achieved a home-based prison policy for the people.

Second, at the end of February this year, Russia invaded Ukraine. A full-scale war broke out between the two sides on land, sea and air.

Further, the Houthis launched the Middle East oil battlefield and immediately bombed oil facilities in the capital of Saudi Arabia as well as other targets. The Houthis are now attempting to expand the war by launching a larger ground war.

Finally, there is still a battlefield that has not yet been activated in the Taiwan Strait. According to Miles Guo, the CCP is waiting for the right time to launch an armed invasion on Taiwan. But a war in the Taiwan Strait would also be the beginning of the end for the world’s dictatorships.

Now “World War III” has shifted from the invisible battlefield of the CCP Virus and vaccine to a ground war, in which the final showdown between democracies and dictatorships and the dark forces of the world has already begun. But Miles also said earlier that this showdown must end with the victory of righteousness and the imminent arrival of a new, people-oriented world.


Edited and posted by: Laura L

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