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How long does the vaccine, is there any science or studies that show how long the vaccine lasts versus natural acquired immunity? Well, that’s the challenge with these vaccines, we’ve seen a number of cases acquired in those who’ve gotten a shot and still gotten COVID. So early on, it was thought that they would be long lasting, when we found on average, it was only a few months and waning at that. And with Omicron, we have seen that those who have had a shot or had a booster actually have a higher chance of acquiring Omicron than those who who didn’t. So we’ve seen the data out of Denmark, out of Israel, out of the UK, where the shots actually turn into what we call negative efficacy, where your chances are higher from the shots of getting disease instead of being protective.

If I could, if I could augment that, sir, in the latest data from Albany Board of Health that’s received quite a bit of press attention, we see evidence of the pediatric population of lack of protection for as little as short a period as 30 days. So very short duration or we call it durability, protection associated with the vaccines in key pediatric population.

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