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Washington says it has warned China that no country will be able to get away with trying to bail out Russia as the Kremlin struggles with the sanctions imposed over its attack on Ukraine.

The US President’s National Security Adviser Sullivan met today in a very low-key manner with Jiechi Yang, China’s top diplomat. 

“We’re watching closely the extent to which China provides any kind of aid to Russia, whether it’s material or financial,” Sullivan told CNN on Sunday “And we’ve made it clear to Beijing that we’re not going to stand idly by and let any country compensate Russia for its economic sanctions,”

Richard Haass, a U.S. diplomat with the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, tweeted that if China provides aid to Russia, “China will face substantial sanctions, and China will turn itself into an international Outcast, it is China that refuses to keep the possibility of cooperating with the West.”

A source familiar with what transpired in the meeting disclosed that their sense was that “the Chinese at the highest levels have thrown in with Putin” and that Chinese President Xi Jinping is “trying to play it neutral in public but back Putin substantially in the background—economically, financially, and now perhaps militarily. I don’t think they want to play a mediation role.”


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