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The New Federal State of China has received praises from various countries for organising and executing rescue operations in Ukraine. There were elderly, pregnant ladies, and a few month-old infants among the rescued. Many NFSC volunteers are doing 20-hour duty, overworking and feeling exhausted. These commendable unpaid volunteers are risking their lives.

Nicole, a NFSC volunteer at Medyka camp updating on the latest situation.

Sadly, there exists internal rivalries and bickering among the volunteers. Like the Chinese in mainland China, there is a lack of cohesion between NFSC volunteers. This is such an embarrassment, and how is NFSC ever hope to overthrow the CCP when we cannot even stand united together. Some volunteers love to criticise and give plenty of stupid suggestions and are all talk and no action. This has allowed the CCP to lie and say that NFSC is in Ukraine on CCP’s behalf, and NFSC is the CCP representative in this rescue operation. The NFSC urges all volunteers to put aside petty differences and make sure everyone in Ukraine knows that we are not the CCP and aim to overthrow that evil regime.

Every country that has ever been sanctioned by SWIFT, such as Libya, North Korea and Iran, became poor as a result. SWIFT is a worldwide financial transaction and payment system. All SWIFT members must undertake a sanction in order to be effective. One unspoken rule of SWIFT is all its members are to respect international law and is not allowed to wage war with another member without valid justification. Today all western countries are sanctioning Russia from SWIFT. However, being a member of SWIFT, China is secretly helping Russia circumvent the sanctions by secretly making SWIFT transactions on Russia’s behalf.

The CCP officials and their family members have hidden 50 trillion dollars of assets in UBS. China’s GDP has risen from 1 trillion dollars to 15 trillion dollars since joining WTO. If the world puts SWIFT sanctions on China, its GDP will fall to level before joining WTO, coupled with an internal property debt of 8 trillion dollars, China’s economy will burn and crash.

The CCP said China had stockpiled 2.5 years’ worth of food. If this is true, China would have stored at least 4.5 billion jin of food. But this is more than the total global food production, so it cannot be true. The cost for importing two years’ worth of food for China is roughly 250 billion dollars, and this is based on the current price of the cheapest food, and food prices are still increasing at an alarming rate. China currently only has around one trillion-dollar worth of reserves and has an external debt of a few hundred billion dollars. Hence, her net asset is only a few hundred billion dollars. China’s net reserve is not even enough to purchase two years’ worth of food.

Once the world places SWIFT sanctions on China, hyperinflation will cause RMB to become worthless. The CCP’s overseas assets will also be confiscated. Ordinary overseas Chinese may also have their assets frozen or seized. The effect of the SWIFT sanction can be seen when Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko’s superyacht was taken away in Italy. Abramovich is looking for a buyer for Chelsea FC as countries are looking to seize his assets. Abramovich holds a Portuguese passport and has EU citizenship, but these aren’t enough for him to avoid sanctions. Abramovich is a gentleman who always keeps his words, unlike many China businessmen without integrity. Melnichenko has an Israel passport.

China sanctions will come fast and unexpectedly, leaving most ordinary China citizens no time to react. They will find the money in their bank worthless, credit cards not working, and their overseas assets taken away from them. The only solution is to use H-Pay and H-Coin to ensure smooth transactions. It is hoped that H-Pay can become the ecosystem within China and Taiwan for the common people.

The coming calamity for the China people will be worse than that of the cultural revolution. Not only will the people starve like in the Great Leap Forward, but there is also the virus pandemic, vaccine-related long-term injuries/deaths and war. In addition, the people during the Great Leap Forward were more sociable and helpful, but after many years under communist rule, today’s people have become self-centred and unaccommodating. As a result, the people can expect little to no help from their community.

The virus pandemic situation will worsen in Hong Kong. Cremation services can no longer provide for the high number of deaths. China doesn’t report the bad situation. The virus pandemic will also worsen in China.

Putin’s age of influence is over the moment he attacked Ukraine. Russia is a dictatorial country ruled mainly by a single person. The consequences of going to war are mostly borne by ordinary Russians who are now feeling the pain from sanctions. Even Russian gold is being sanctioned, making it hard for the country to use its gold reserve to fund war and other things. Putin cannot make war concessions because unhappy Russians will take him down if he backs from the war. Putin can only carry on with the war, hoping the West can no longer endure the attrition one day.

The Middle East is experiencing unrest, such as the civil war in Yemen and Iran bombing Iraq. These events are all planned by the CCP, and motives are discussed in the previous broadcast. The current unrest will affect Djibouti’s oil and gas export supply chain to Angola. If sea routes surrounding the middle east are blocked, causing Iran and Saudi oil to be unable to export, oil prices will shoot up astronomically, and U.S. dollars will lose global dominance. Putin is waiting for this to happen. The CCP wishes to destroy the dollar system while China is still able to use gold and SWIFT. The CCP will cause further mayhem in middle east regions causing an oil supply crunch.

Yesterday’s Iraq bombardment is part of the CCP and Putin’s plan. In the Ukraine invasion, the CCP’s role is to help Russia counter the sanctions. Evil empires including Russia, Communist China, North Korea, Iran, and various newly joined middle countries are in cohort to create global unrest, causing oil and gas supply issues. The unrest is purposefully started before the full hammer of the SWIFT sanction can be felt in China. The price of oil directly affects the economy and employment rate in the United States. Europe is totally reliant on the supply of oil and gas. The motive is to cause Europe to make a concession on the Ukraine war, continue to buy and depend on Russia for oil and gas, and remove all SWIFT sanctions. China can then attack Taiwan without fear of repercussion.

The world will soon see United States bases in Syria, Saudi and Iraq bombarded or infected with a new virus.

Xi Jinping has never given up on the idea of attacking Taiwan and collaborating with Russia. If the United States still has not yet comprehended that China wishes to utterly destroy her, then Americans can expect long, dark and difficult times to lie ahead. The CCP has a hand in causing all societal problems Americans are experiencing, such as BLM violent protests, election frauds, illegal immigration, virus, vaccine, fake media, coming economic collapse, energy independence, etc. If Europe still has not understood that China wishes to take over Europe, Europeans can expect to pay a high price in the future.

China knows it cannot match the west technological advancement, so it gathers all the dictatorial countries such as Russia, North Korea, Iran and other middle eastern countries to scheme against the west. If Europe and the United States are to depend on the middle east and Russia totally for energy, SWIFT sanctions will be ineffective. SWIFT is only effective when the countries placing the sanctions are well-off and self-sufficient.

Putin will intensify his attacks on Ukraine, and Kyiv will experience heavy bombardment. Ukraine’s true moment of suffering is about to come.

China bank of Kunlun is helping Iran to work around with sanctions.

If Putin uses nuclear weapons on Ukraine, radiation contamination will also affect Russia because of close proximity.

Miles think anti-sentiment will reach a new high between the end of this year and next year’s May.

The world will witness another major event within three weeks. Could it be that China will invade Taiwan?

Source:Miles Guo’s 13th March 2022 Broadcast on GETTR

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