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The U.S. Department of State and the Canadian government reissued their guidance for their citizens who are traveling in Russia on March 5th and urged them to leave the country immediately.


The U.S. updated last week’s Level 4 travel advisory on Saturday and provided new information about the currency situation and potential delays in consular notification and access to U.S. citizens detained in Russia. The Canadian government urged any Canadians remaining in Russia to leave as soon as possible. The notice warns of the evolving war situation in the region and the gradual escalation of sanctions against Russia by countries around the world, resulting in limited flight options. In addition, credit card and payment giants are stopping the use of bank cards in Russia, which could lead to difficulties in using their essential products and withdrawing money.

As Russia has just implemented a new law restricting freedom of expression in its invasion of Ukraine, the Canadian government is reminding citizens to speak cautiously about the Russian-Ukraine war to prevent being fined or detained.

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