Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture Source: Sohu

As reported by Financial World (jrj.com.cn) on March 8, 2022, because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, two major global cellphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, have announced suspending sales in the Russian market, while other cellphone brands may also be affected. The news article indicated the situation offers an opportunity for Huawei’s HarmonyOS to expand its market abroad. The HarmonyOS has become the fastest growing mobile operating system, being as popular as iOS and Android.

Just as UnionPay exploited the opportunity to enter Russia while other payment systems like Visa and Mastercard pulled out of the Russian market, the Chinese Communist Party’s corporations believe they can take advantage of Western sanctions to expand their market share in Russia and make huge profits during the war. That is a huge mistake! US Congresspersons are contemplating laws to sanction the CCP’s entities who support Russia. For the CCP supporters in Communist China who work for evilness and believe in “boundless business opportunities,” they don’t know sanctions against the CCP are imminent. Choosing Russia during the war is like suicide.