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On February 27th, Miles Guo responded to questions from American citizens about what is best for the United States on GTV and Gettr live broadcasts. He said that the seven people in Zhongnanhai should be eliminated, or the CCP would be forced to eliminate these seven people themselves.

Once Xi Jinping starts the war against Taiwan, the world will take advantage of the situation and let the Chinese people bear the consequences of the huge bubble problem caused by overly-issued currencies. The coalition of 8 or 16 countries will then “counterattack” the Communist Party of China to the best of their ability. Eventually, the world will jointly destroy the Communist Party, but the Chinese people will pay a heavy price. They may become the most unpopular ethnic group in the world for the next 30 or even 50 years.

The best way to avoid the warfare from breaking out in Taiwan is by eliminating the seven highest ranking people in Zhongnanhai, or to tell the CCP, whoever can eliminate these seven people to save the national crisis will be rewarded with trillions of dollars. In fact, anyone who stops evil doers will be rewarded. The whole family would then be eligible to immigrate to the United States and obtain life-long protection in the country and will even be granted freehold land.

In this way, the CCP does not have to attack Taiwan. Taiwan and the mainland do not need to make unnecessary sacrifices, and the United States will not be involved in a war that will cause death, and the collapse of the world economy can be mitigated. When that time comes, the people of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet will all be liberated, and all the Chinese people will be free. 4.5 billion Asians will be grateful to the United States, and the United States may have saved hundreds of millions of lives. The rest of the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America will bid farewell to the Communist Party forever. The United States will become a truly respectful and peaceful force. The US will be ascertained as the centre of the world order.

Such action has been reported to be in progress. However, the best way to avoid war is to prepare for it: si vis pacem, para bellum[1] .

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[1] (If you want peace, prepare for war – Latin adage )

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