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According to the NTDTV report on March 3, the CCP virus cases surged in Hong Kong. On the afternoon of March 2, local time, the confirmed cases in a single day exceeded 55,000, only 27 of which were from abroad, and the rest were local cases. The number of deaths in a single day is also climbing. The U.S. State Department has raised the travel alert level for Hong Kong to the highest possible level, urging U.S. nationals not to travel, given that the outbreak in Hong Kong is almost out of control.

The outside world has noted that the total number of confirmed patients admitted to medical facilities in Hong Kong is currently over 6,000, meaning that hundreds of thousands of newly infected people have recently been self-isolated at home.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” report on March 1, due to the recent increasingly stringent anti-pandemic measures in Hong Kong, many people in the banking industry and investors feel uneasy. Due to the strict entry and exit restrictions, many people find it challenging to balance their careers and families, resulting in financial talents leaving Hong Kong.

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