Some on the left are now calling for a No Fly Zone over Ukraine, likening Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. But there is HUGE difference between Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler.  Adolf Hitler didn’t have nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin has more nuclear weapons than we can estimate.

Journalist Dan Hodges, from the safety of his basement thousands of miles from Ukraine, stated on Twitter: “If people want to oppose a no-fly zone, fine. But understand that is an act of appeasement no different to our appeasement of Hitler in 1938. We are refusing to do what we know is morally right out of fear. We are prepared to let a free nation die to safeguard ourselves.”

A No Fly Zone over Ukraine would result in NATO and U.S. military shooting down Russian jets, and that would lead to World War III. World War III with Russia would result in the use of nuclear weapons, and that would lead to far more casualties worldwide than what is currently being faced in Ukraine.

And if the left remains unconvinced by such an argument, they need look no further than the last time NATO imposed a No Fly Zone. The No Fly Zone imposed over Libya in 2011 led to the destruction of Libya, the destabilization of the entire region, the rise of ISIS, massive terror attacks and the global migrant crisis, which is still having devastating effects on citizens all over Europe.

All these globalists banging the drums of war are nowhere to be found in Ukraine, and look only to profit from global nuclear conflict.

Globalist Billionaire Bill Ackman called for U.S. Military intervention in Ukraine. “I hope Russia stops this onslaught, but I don’t see how Putin saves face. We need to be prepared for what comes next which means we need to start thinking about intervening military. Isn’t it time we set a real red line?” he tweeted.

Ackman, who made billions by exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic by urging for economic shutdowns, went on to say: “We can’t sit back and allow hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and perhaps millions to die. I don’t want to live in that world and you don’t either. @POTUS, it is in your hands. You can fix the errors of the past and protect our future. With all due respect Mr. President, the time is now.”

Ackman, of course, didn’t volunteer to send his kids to go fight in Ukraine. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for foreigners to join his army and fight the Russians. But Ackman hasn’t gone there himself to fight. And that’s how these globalists think. Let OTHERS do the fighting. Let OTHERS make the sacrifices, while they get even richer as the military-industrial complex continues to enjoy vast profits as the war drums beat louder.