Author Horus 莲花

After his inspirational May Fourth Movement speech in Chinese on the 4th of May from the White House, Mr. Pottinger continued to deliver a message to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by congratulating the Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen in her Inauguration on the 19th of May. The message was in Chinese again and was clear: “The values of free and open democracies are universal…not just American or Western.” Mr. Pottinger pointed out that “democracy, like physics, cannot be divided into ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ types”, which has been CCP’s core argument that the Chinese people are not suitable or ready for democracy. With his deep understanding of the CCP and his Chinese language skill, Mr. Pottinger has become one of the most formidable voices to the CCP. Because the Chinese people can understand him perfectly without any distortion.

To fight back, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying responded: “Mr. Pottinger thinks he knows China very well, but judging from this speech, it may be that he does not really understand China or the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, because He has a strong prejudice against China.” Ms. Hua continued that “the core of the May Fourth Movement spirit is patriotism.” A few widely circulated articles published in the CCP-controlled media also echoed Ms. Hua’s point.

Well, it is right to say the Chinese students who walked on the street to defend China’s sovereignty 101 years ago were patriotic. However, the students also demanded “Mr. Democracy” and “Mr. Science” to transform the old China. It is the CCP’s usual tactic to cover the truth: the Chinese people have been calling for democracy for over a hundred years.

Mr. Pottinger’s video is so powerful that the CCP banned his speech in China with fear. It is ridiculous to see all sorts of articles rebutting Mr. Pottinger’s view in the Chinese media, but nowhere you can find the original video or text from Mr. Pottinger in a CCP kingdom. When searching Pottinger and the May Fourth in Baidu, a CCP controlled search engine, you can only get some farming tractors, while in Google with some real results.

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell’s 1984 has been realized in today’s China. Mr. Pottinger is right that the Chinese people deserve freedom and democracy and they can manage it as people in Taiwan and Hong Kong have demonstrated. The Chinese people need to carry their May Fourth cross and move forward. More cheers in Chinese from Mr. Pottinger will help for sure.