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South African doctor Dr. Philippe van Welbergen showed nearly 100 microscopic pictures of blood from “vaccinated” and unvaccinated patients while participating in a South African social media show “Loving Life TV” on February 12.

The photos show what a healthy blood image should look like, with no clots or foreign objects inside the red blood cells.

Malformed red blood cells clump together in the blood of people who received an experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

As you can see from the picture above, there is only a normal red blood cell circled by the yellow circle!

Dr Philippe van Welbergen, head of medicine at Biomedical Clinics Limited in South Africa, was among the first to warn the public of the blood damage caused by Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ by publishing images of blood samples under a microscope by one of the people last year.

In his first interview on “Loving Life TV” in early July last year, Dr. Philippe said that when his patients began to complain of chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory problems, and sometimes paralysis, women in their 60s had menstrual periods. Over time, he collected blood samples from these patients. They were found to have unusual tubular structures in their blood, some granules glowing, and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells are visible. And three months before that, he had never seen such a structure in his blood.

He found that experts were discussing similar blood problems at a previous Dutch medical meeting, and that some blood samples even showed blue and red cells that were not organic. Connecting the clues, he found what these patients had in common. They are all vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, and these tubular structures are graphene.

Afterwards, Dr. Philippe frequently exposed the launch of experimental Covid-19 virus ‘vaccines’ on “Loving Life TV”, providing information on the increasing effects of experimental Covid-19 virus ‘vaccines’ on blood over time. Updates on the damage of Covid-19 in the UK and South Africa in particular.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Philippe started noticing magnetization, or electrode effects, on different sides of graphene fibers as the Covid-19 virus “vaccine” entered the body.

In the image below, on the right side of the fiber, the cells are condensed, and on the left side is what looks like a gap or roughly backward “C”-shaped spacing. Dr Phillips said the phenomenon had never been seen before, but now, suddenly, it is seen in almost every post-vaccine blood sample. This suggests that when graphene enters the blood system, it reacts with surrounding red blood cells to produce this phenomenon, but the underlying cause of this gap, or roughly backward “C”-shaped spacing, remains unclear.

From the image above, you can also see that graphene fibers are hollow structures that contain red blood cells, and hollow fibers of this size can block capillaries.

In the February 12 video, Dr. Philippe also mentioned that graphene has been passed from “vaccinated” parents to unvaccinated children.

The image below is a blood sample from an unvaccinated three-year-old. It showed the presence of sloughed graphene fragments in these blood samples. These fragments are likely to have been passed from “vaccinated” parents to unvaccinated children.

The picture below is a blood sample of an 8-year-old child who has not been vaccinated, but his right arm and upper right leg are basically paralyzed, and his thigh has been unable to move normally. It means ‘Graphene’ Transmission and Infection.

Dr. Philippe is not alone in discovering the effects of graphene oxide in vaccines on human red blood cells.

In August last year, German Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla and his colleague Axel Bolland and two lawyers, Holger Fischer and Elmar Becker, observed that they had been injected with the COVID-19 virus “vaccine” and Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 virus “vaccine”, and found Graphene oxide.

Swiss Armin Koroknay found that vaccination with the Covid-19 virus caused immediate blood clotting at the microscopic level, with the worst effects on human blood after the second injection.

British microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi told The Daily Expose that “if parents allow their children to be ‘vaccinated’ against the Covid-19 virus, they are willing to have their children killed”.

Quoting a comment from a netizen, being vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus is equivalent to a willing death sentence!


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