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Mr. Miles Guo explained possible scenarios if the Chinese Communist Party regime invades Taiwan, according to his live broadcast on February 27, 2022.

Taiwan is in the crosshairs of devastating carpet bombing. Xi Jinping has originally drafted three options to invade the island: 1) using Taiwanese traitors to sign a treaty of annexation; 2) submarine blockade of the island; 3) blitzkrieg bombing attack. Having learned from Putin’s embarrassing failure to quickly conquer Ukraine, Xi Jinping will probably choose the bloodiest third option. The People’s Liberation Army will likely unleash salvos of highly destructive missiles or rockets to bombard all government buildings, military facilities, and cities from Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung in the south. Civilians may experience more than ten hours of unstopped and indiscriminate bombardment.

In response, Taiwan may retaliate against the mainland by attacking coastal areas like Dalian City, Fujian Province, and Shanghai, or even military bases in Guangdong Province and Jiangxi Province. Armed with advanced American weapons, Taiwan may even gain the upper hand during the exchange of fire.

Mr. Guo believes Taiwan will win if it can hold on for three hours during the CCP’s attack, because the United States, Japan, and Australia will fight back against the CCP. The United States has the capability to wipe out the CCP’s 30,000 military bases within three minutes through airstrikes from above. The US military may have collaboration with its Taiwanese counterpart in missile defense.

Mr. Guo believes the Taiwanese people will triumph in the major war, because they are defending their homeland and has gained global support. For example, during the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have won global support through social media—footages of Russian soldiers being killed or captured in Ukraine have shattered the confidence of Russian troops. Appearing to be the weak, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has also successfully prompted the international community to condemn the brutal Russian invasion. Ukraine wins on the psychological front.

The Taiwanese military has three advantages over the CCP. First, Taiwan, with the help of Western technology, is superior to the CCP in electronic warfare. Second, Taiwan has half a million well-trained professional troops, whereas mainland China’s soldiers are poorly trained—they spend 50% time on political infighting and corruption and are not skilled in warfare. Third, in terms of psychology, the Taiwanese soldiers have high morale and are resolved to defend their territory, while mainland China’s invaders are cowards.

However, Taiwan is facing the problem of internal traitors. Politicians such as Lien Chan, Ma Ying-jeou, and even some politicians in the Democratic Progressive Party secretly betray Taiwan by colluding with the CCP. It is horrifying that some of Taiwan’s military officers affiliated with the treasonous politicians sell out intelligence to the CCP. In this situation, only 30% of Taiwan’s military are resolved to fight hard against the CCP; 30% are wavering; the rest have taken bribes from the CCP.

In case of a CCP invasion, the United States and Japan will offer support because they are more eager for war than the CCP. Taiwan is critically important to the United States for a few reasons: the island is involved in 92.5% of microchip production, and there are a million US passport holders. Therefore, the United States must protect Taiwan for its self-interests. The entire East China Sea and Communist China’s military bases will be engulfed in flames once Xi Jinping orders the invasion of Taiwan.

The United States may fight against the CCP by two strategies. The first option is to wait until the CCP bombards Taiwan to the brink of collapse and then to launch counter-attack. This strategy fully justifies US war efforts to protect US citizens in Taiwan pursuant to the US Constitution and to defend human rights. Neighboring countries like Japan, South Korea, and Australia will also follow suit to declare war against the CCP. In the second option, the United States will immediately form an allied force to strike against the CCP. The allied force may strike in an unexpected way, but the war’s outcome will be brutal.

If the United States takes part in the war, the evil CCP will certainly launch nuclear weapons and will try to form an alliance with North Korea and Iran. In their division of work, Iran will be responsible for blockading the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Hormuz; North Korea will probably attack South Korea and Japan; Communist China and Russia will take on the United States; the nuclear-armed Pakistan will threaten India. Russia may carry out a full-scale invasion of Europe if Europe dares to act. This will be World War III.

Mr. Guo cautions that the United States must choose between a reset to international order or maintaining the current international order. If it wants to maintain the current world order, the United States must take bold actions against the CCP. The reset to international order will be devastating as many cities become uninhabitable areas for centuries in case of nuclear strikes. If warfare erupts near Taiwan, the world economy will soon collapse. If the United States excludes Communist China from the SWIFT banking payment system, even insiders in the CCP may attempt to overthrow Xi Jinping since Western sanctions will deny them access to embezzled money in foreign banks. Communist China’s filthy rich kleptocrats such as Vice Chairman Wang Qishan, Premier Li Keqiang, Vice Premier Han Zheng, and former Chairman Jiang Zemin all have billions of dollars of assets in the West.

original article:https://gtv.org/broadcast/watch/621b7633019ef64da651ee6d

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