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For the first time, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine DNA has been found in the nucleus, according to a Swedish research that was accepted and published. LINE-1 proteins in the cells reverse the transcription. They are unsure whether or not it is incorporated into our DNA.

When the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine is administered to liver cells in vitro via lipid nanoparticles, the vaccine’s RNA is converted to DNA and found in the nucleus of the liver cell within the first 6 hours. This will result in an increase in the expression of LINE-1 proteins, and it is the first time that an in vitro study has caused this to happen. Furthermore, the study’s observation that these liver cells that picked up the RNA from the vaccine are expected to express spike proteins on the surface of the liver cell, which will be targeted by the immune system and can trigger an auto-immune hepatitis.

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The study raised concerns about whether the vaccine’s spike proteins and RNA enter the nucleus and become part of the DNA, causing genomic toxicity, which could be carcinogenic. When it is discovered that the RNA can enter liver cells, it is possible that it will be introduced into the placental route. Another question was whether the DNA fragment that is created and lives in the nucleus will become part of the genome as well. Finally, because other studies have shown that vaccination can cause auto-immune hepatitis, introducing the RNA in vitro to express these spike proteins on the surface of the liver cells could result in auto-immune disease.

Other studies that were conducted were also mentioned by the author. For example, an animal study found that lipid nanoparticles or vaccines caused hepatic effects in the animal liver, that the liver was transiently damaged, that is, temporarily inflamed, and that it could recover, but only for a short period of time. In vitro studies have revealed that the SARS-Cov-2 virus RNA can reverse transcribe into DNA and become integrated, becoming part of the DNA.

In this particular study, hepatoma cells were taken from the liver tumor cells of a 57-year-old Japanese donor. The cells were named HuH7 (Human Hepatoma 7 cells). They are dividing cells. These HuH7 cell lines were taken and they put BNT162b2 on them in various quantities, and based on observation, within 6 hours, lipid nanoparticles from the vaccine entered the liver cells and created the DNA. Afterward, a sample of the experiment was taken. They looked into the liver cell sample and extracted the RNA and DNA for analysis, and then, using PCR to amplify the sample to create a pile of genetic material, they discovered a massive amount of messenger RNA.

The study then looked at the DNA of the nucleus, and found special genes in the DNA were over expressed, the DNA became excited, making copies of itself and mRNA, and the gene that is long interspersed nuclear element-1, or LINE-1 gene, was increased. LINE-1 is an endogenous reverse transcriptase, and the vaccine presents has increased the gene that will make a machine that will increase the conversion of RNA to DNA. The LINE-1 gene is expressed and turned into LINE-1 messenger RNA. Later, it comes out of the DNA cell cytoplasm through the nuclear pores, which later will be translated by the ribosome to make the LINE-1 protein.

The LINE-1 protein has a part called Open Reading Frame-1, or ORF-1, which will go back to the nucleus and start the reverse transcribe to Spike DNA from BNT162b2 RNA inside the nucleus.

The study only proved that DNA is formed and that it is in the nucleus, and that this happened within 6 hours of the vaccine being introduced, and what it will do and when it will be degraded requires further study, discussion, and research to investigate.

So many famous scientists such as Vladimir Zelenko have informed that Covid-19 vaccine may possibly caused illness and cancers, though it may per pretend to be safe temporarily, it will cause the gene mutation in DNA thus to cause cancers in long time.

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