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The threat of war made by the Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe if Taiwan engages in an ‘independence plot’ has been widely reported around the world. But what has not been mentioned by the mainstream media is that the Chinese said that they were prepared to nuke the world if the West helps defend Taiwan militarily.

In a GETTR video on Saturday, Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the co-founder of the New Federal State of China, provided some details about the threats delivered by the Chinese military during a bilateral meeting with US Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Friday.

The Americans were treated with ‘wolf-warrior’ diplomacy by their Chinese counterparts.

If the U.S. defends Taiwan, the Chinese army will smash the Americans. If the U.S. meddles in the affairs of Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party will destroy the earth.

The Chinese said that their numerous nuclear weapons were not for research or collection. “Instead of having the nuclear weapons as collection pieces in the museums, their purpose is to protect China,” said the Chinese. “They will be used to annihilate our enemies.” The Chinese Communists’ statement about using nukes against the Americans and the world over Taiwan is extremely shocking.

Now the West came to realize that it is much tougher to deal with Xi Jinping than with Putin. The nuclear threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have made the Americans realize the clear and present danger but they still have not fully comprehended the severity. The Americans know that the CCP really meant to use nukes. In addition to CCP’s verbal threat, the intelligence gathered by the US has also confirmed that the CCP has fully prepared for a war against the U.S.

Mr. Guo said that the Chinese Communists got the guts to threaten the Americans with war because of its long-term BGY in the U.S.:

The CCP’s infiltration into the US with the help of the American traitors boosted the confidence of the CCP.

The threat from China became a major event. Many people, especially the Americans, want to know what on earth the CCP will do to the U.S. and what on earth the CCP is capable of doing. This is not a joke.

Japan thinks that the threat from China is very horrible and it can be attacked by the CCP at any time.

The Europeans are also starting to realize that they would lose their bargaining power if they don’t take action against Communist China in all aspects including (but not limited to) economic and technology areas. Europe would not even be qualified for being threatened by the CCP (if they don’t get tough with the CCP).

Economically, the European countries are too greedy (to stand up against the CCP). During the recent negotiations in the banking sector, the Europeans were totally humiliated and bullied by the CCP. The CCP told them to their face to stop fooling around by siding with the U.S. (to oppose the CCP) and to stop thinking about sanctioning China in the way they sanctioned Russia. If the Europeans don’t believe (the consequences of opposing the CCP), they can give it a try. Their economy will be beaten (by the CCP) so badly that it will go back to its original state (without the Chinese market) very quickly.

France was so intimidated by the CCP that it dared not utter a word. The CCP warned France that the French wine would be turned into red dye if it goes too far with the US. Both the French wine and Airbus would lose their consumer market without China. This could lead to the bankruptcy of Airbus, so the two big shareholders of Airbus, both France and Germany, are very obedient to the CCP.

The U.K. is the next target of the CCP because of its policy toward Hong Kong and Taiwan. The CCP threatened to retaliate if the U.K. continues to support the former British colony and the self-governing island.

The appeasement policy adopted by Europe toward Russia has further emboldened the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who laughed at the Germans and the French because the former never delivered the 500 helmets they promised the Ukrainians and the latter still hoped to have a brunch with Putin.

Miles Guo said that the crazy Chinese (like the communists) in China’s history eventually ruined the country and impoverished generations. The Chinese emperors never stopped sending their subjects to the war to make them too weak and too poor to challenge the emperors. The CCP is using the same tactic to let tens of millions of Chinese die (during the upcoming war) to save the CCP. Instead of fighting a civil war and being removed from power, the CCP would rather wage a war against Taiwan and the U.S.


Miles Guo’s GETTR Video with English subtitles: