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At local time on September 8, users who visited the Dell website noticed that the button to the login page with their Facebook account had disappeared. One month earlier, the Dell website could be easily logged into using a Facebook account.

Usually, logging in with a social media account is a quick and easy way for users; it’s also a win-win for Internet companies and advertisers. However, concerns about social media privacy breaches have grown since it was reported that Tik Tok illegally collected users’ private data. According to sources, not only has Dell cancelled the Facebook login function, but other major brands, including Best Buy, Ford Motor, Nike, Patagonia, Pottery Warehouse, and Amazon Video Streaming, have also cancelled the function.

Facebook users have been severely censored in their speech during the CCP virus pandemic. Facebook’s censorship of users’ speech is not based on human health but on the arrogance of power. Zuckerberg and Fauci colluded with each other. Fauci used authority and privilege to suppress the truth about the CCP virus and vaccines. Zuckerberg cooperated by using social media to block speech and users, resulting in countless innocent deaths. Furthermore, Facebook has not attempted to compensate for the damage it caused with misleading information during the CCP virus. Meanwhile, Facebook has also experienced multiple high-profile data breach incidents.

Analysts pointed out that Facebook has committed an unforgivable original sin when it comes to the CCP virus and vaccines.  Users are losing trust in Facebook.

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