1. The damage that Eileen Gu has done to Chinese and Asians cannot be compensated with tens of billions of dollars.

2. Chinese Exclusion: An American bakery owner angrily said to the Chinese: You Chinese should not stay here and go back to your China.

3. Mr. Miles Guo goes to Japan and Britain: He can only go if the U.S. government confirms safety and consent. The soonest will be after June.

4. There was no one at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, but the photos taken by the CCP were full of people. It can be seen that the CCP’s falsification has reached the level of disaster.

5. The chained woman’s father and uncle, Li Aizhong, are both members of the CCP. The incident of the chained woman caused anger within the CCP and accelerates the disintegration within the CCP.

6. The CCP threatened one of Hong Kong’s top ten judges, the British, sentenced Mr. Miles Guo to seizure of more than 10 billion in assets.

7. Mr. Miles Guo’s 134 million case: We cannot distrust the laws of the United States because of absurd judgments. The American justice system is fair to all. Mr. Miles Guo immediately opened the appeal.

8. Africa is undergoing coups, and the CCP’s money spent in Africa will be wasted.

9. A person who Putin believed in very much reported the death of the vaccine around him to Putin, who smiled slightly, indicating that Putin has known about the harm of the vaccine for a long time.

10. Broken supply chains and the CCP’s threats to Hong Kong will make it worse.

11. If you haven’t seen the CCP’s BYG, 13579 plan, White Extinction Project, the Party of Davos’ dirty virtues of drinking and molesting little girls, you won’t know the dirty of evil and the greatness of the Whistleblower Movement.

12. If you haven’t seen the chemical defense labs, Army Academy of Armored Forces and National Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, Wuhan, you won’t know how bad the People’s Liberation Army is.

13. Communism is the biggest Capitalism, the result of a complete monopoly.

14. There is a live broadcasting on Sunday.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: π&π
Proofreading: Tracy